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Reviewed by ferguson-67 / 10

half his life

Greetings again from the darkness. With his Oscar winning AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH (2006),and follow-ups including WAITING FOR SUPERMAN (2010) and HE NAMED ME MALALA (2015),Davis Guggenheim has proven to be one of the most important and effective documentarians working today. With his latest, he adds a creative touch that blends well with the emotional and personal aspects of this Michael J Fox biography.

Most everyone recognizes Michael J Fox as the popular actor from the BACK TO THE FUTURE franchise and/or his enormously successful TV series, "Family Ties" and "Spin City". Along the way, there were numerous other films and appearances, and at one point in the 1980's, he was likely the most recognized actor on the planet thanks to his box office winning movies, highly-rated TV series, countless magazine covers, and regular Talk Show appearances. On top of all that, in 1988, he married the love of his life, actress Tracy Pollan. He truly had it all.

A trembling pinkie signaled a life-changing event for Fox. At age 29, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease ... a disease that typically strikes elderly folks, not otherwise healthy young adults in their physical prime years. For years, he was able to hide his symptoms by timing his medication and disguising his left-hand trembles - either by holding an item or keeping the hand stuffed in his pocket.

The creative parts of Guggenheim's film are that he eschews traditional talking heads - and rest assured, there would be a stream of celebrities willing to talk about Fox - and the use of cool editing by cutting in clips of Fox's acting roles into the stories as Fox tells them. That's right ... as Michael J Fox tells his own story. He is his own talking head in this film, and it works brilliantly to allow him to show us his sense of humor remains intact, and that he has learned to deal with the obstacles this disease throws at him. We even see his struggle to get toothpaste on his toothbrush. Yet none of this is designed to elicit sympathy for Fox. Oh no, he will have none of that.

We learn his patented perpetual movement dates back to childhood, and are reminded that he was often seen sprinting or moving quickly in his roles ... movements he can no longer execute. In fact, his falls are often brutal, sometimes resulting in broken bones and a broken face (pins in his hand and eye socket). Michael J Fox is a 5-time Emmy winner who has been married to Tracy for 35 years. They share four kids and the obstacles created by Parkinson's. Guggenheim includes a wonderful story regarding a lunch box and Brandon Tartikoff, the wunderkind President of NBC who initially was opposed to Fox being cast in "Family Ties". The presentation of Fox's workaholic nature is on full display during the sequence on his simultaneously filming "Family Ties" and BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Michael J Fox telling us his own story makes this so personal. He admits to "waiting for the bus" ... a phrase he copped to describe waiting for the dopamine meds to kick in. He is one of the very few to live more than half their life with Parkinson's Disease, and his sharing the obstacles for all to see is commendable, even if he forbids us from pity.

Opens May 12, 2023.

Reviewed by JustCuriosity10 / 10

Inspirational Biography of Michael J. Fox's Remarkable Journey

Still was warmly and enthusiastically received at the SXSW Film Festival. An overflow crowd gave the film and its subject a standing ovation. Unlike your usual Hollywood Biopic, Still is an inspiring story of young, and perhaps somewhat superficial, movie star journey from celebrity to hero.

The creative presentation shows the present-day disabled Fox struggling with the consequences of Parkinson's Disease and uses that as a jumping off point for his telling the story of how we went from struggling actor to mega Hollywood star. Then it journeys through his diagnosis with Parkinson's which he initially hid from the public as well as his struggle with alcoholism. Eventually, it shows the evolution of his role as he emerges as inspiration to millions who struggle with Parkinson's and many other disorders. His extraordinary fundraising efforts are a celebration of the human spirit. His dignity and decency in the face of an incurable disease are truly inspiring.

The creative format of Guggenheim's film is fascinating, because he uses a mix of clips from Fox's TV and movies along with a series of recreations framed by modern day interviews to tell Fox's story. It is told with great humor and grace.

For anyone of a certain age, Michael J. Fox was a cultural icon. Back to the Future is one of the iconic cultural markers of the 1980s. And Still really is in and of itself, appropriately enough, a journey back in time. In a time where we seem to lack heroes, Michael J. Fox is one and this film provides a great tribute to him.

Reviewed by johnjbudion-899279 / 10

Nostalgic and Inspirational

Cleverly edited clips from Michael J. Fox's career, juxtaposed against new interviews and insights create a feeling of nostalgia and inspiration. The editing, the pace, and the revelations from Michael brought the crowd to laughter and tears.

MJFox the man is greater than MJFox the amazing and talented actor I grew up with, as a kid watching Back to the Future and Teen Wolf. The most inspirational human and a phenomenal film. That's what I felt watching Davis Guggenheim's gem at Sundance. Major congratulations to Mr. Guggenheim, his editor, the entire team, and especially Michael J. Fox.

I can't wait to watch it again.

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