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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arthur_tafero6 / 10

Better Than Average Documentary - Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

There are no professional actors in this documentary, but it has the feel of a Rob Reiner mockumentary. That being said, it seemed to be even-handed and a fair assessment of the events leading up the unfortunate death of a media genius. Sometimes, the material seems to be a bit plodding, and other times moves at the speed of light, so the pacing is a bit uneven. Also, there is no mention of Jobs' wife or daughter, as highlighted in the Hollywood version of his life. His relationship with Steve Woz is also glossed over pretty much in this documentary, while in the Hollywood version, it is painfully examined in detail. I believe that Danny Boyle did a much better job, which is why I gave that film a higher rating.

Reviewed by gavin69428 / 10

A Key Piece of the Puzzle

A look at the personal and private life of the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. According to critics, a very biased and negative look at these aspects, but who knows? I personally didn't find it to be that negative. Yes, some bad things are said about Jobs, but those are the opinions of the speaker, and the fact is that he was involved in some shady things. Overall, I thought this was pretty fair.

We get a good overview of computer history, phreaking and more. I have to compare to "Steve Jobs", the Oscar-nominated film. As good as that was, it did not touch on some of the best things of this documentary. The hacking? I would love to have known more. I also now see why Ashton Kutcher was cast in the other Jobs biopic. Fassbinder is the better actor, but wow, Kutcher actually bears a resemblance to Jobs. It is remarkable.

Reviewed by leonblackwood6 / 10

An eye opener to the world behind Apple! 6/10

Review: After seeing the 2 Steve Jobs movies, starring Ashton Kutcher and Michael Fassbender, I personally thought that they didn't do Jobs justice but now that I have seen this documentary, he really was a calculating, manipulative and uncaring person. Nobody doubts the bare genius of the man, who had a unique vision which has taken over the world but his under hand tactics and dangerous minds games have damaged some people for life. When you hear the interviews from his fellow co-workers, who actually worked side by side with Steve, they all seem like there life's were hanging on a thread, so my question is, was it really worth it? I know that the Apple brand is one of the biggest in the world and that everyone has an iPhone but when people are committing suicide, mainly because of the bare pressure in the business, I personally would rather work in McDonald's. Anyway, this documentary gives more information than the movies did but I personally don't think that anyone would have said anything about the "goings on" behind Apple doors if Steve Jobs was still alive. You do have to have a cutthroat personality to make it in business, so it seems like he was the right person to dominate the technology market but if a lot of the stories in this documentary are true, I think he went a bit too far in a lot of circumstances. Anyway, this is definitely worth a watch, basically because everyone knows about the Apple brand, and I'm sure that people will come away with there own personal opinion about Steve Jobs and his determination to take over the world. Educational!

Round-Up: This documentary was written and directed by Alex Gibney, 62, who has brought you over 30 documentaries, which include The Armstrong Lie, Mr. Dynamite, My Trip To Al-Qaeda, Finding Fela! and many more. He has a way of getting to the gritty truth, even though it could damage people's reputation but that's what makes a documentary worth watching. 

I recommend this movie to people who are into their documentaries, which give an in depth look into the private and personal life of the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. 6/10

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