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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thundernoise3 / 10

Just no... Interesting plot, sub-par acting, terrible lines

I thought several of the actors had brilliant moments, but the decent moments were repeatedly clouded by actors who played very flat or unnecessarily emotion into their lines. I'd love to see this script rewritten but it is one of the poorest I've seen run.

I thought the worst aspects of the film were Eva insisting "everything is going to be fine" every night before leaving her beau, her mother's manic and somewhat overplayed outbursts followed by apologies in her next appearance at least 3 times, and multiple unresolved plot lines that left me wondering how the script moved forward without addressing what we'd just seen.

It reminded me of Tank Girl (which I actually enjoy) and seemed similarly disjointed, but it also was entirely overdramatic while trying to stay serious which didn't play well at all. If you want to get really drunk and navigate plot holes, this is the film for you.

Three out of ten because it could only be worse if all acting was terrible and the plot was less interesting.

Reviewed by MartinHafer4 / 10

I think many of the reviews are a bit harsh for this one....

"Stasis" is a very low budgeted film with mostly actors with limited experience. Because of this, I tend to cut the movie some slack. Sadly, many reviewers have savaged the picture and have created the impression "Stasis" is horrible...which it isn't. It has some clever ideas and works provided you aren't expecting what you'd see in a $200,000,000 space epic!

The story begins in the hellish future. Things are awful and most of the people died as a result of wars. Now a totalitarian regime is in power and a small group of radicals are trying to undo this by manipulating time. Using volunteers, they send folks back in time in order to prevent this awful future from ever taking place.

Some of the acting is a bit weak, but again this is a cheaply made film and they gotta learn somewhere. My feeling is if you don't mind a few rough spots, give it a watch. It's now streaming on Netflix.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen2 / 10

But why?...

One of my friends recommended that I watched this movie, and usually when he does so it is because a movie is very poor. With that in mind, I did sit down to watch "Stasis", well aware that I might be in for something of an ordeal of a movie.

Turned out that I was in for exactly what I had expected...

"Stasis" has a very pointless storyline about people traveling from the future back in time to do absolutely nothing. Yeah, there was no point of their time travel and it seemed that there was no storyline connected to the movie either, it was as if director Nicole Jones-Dion just made up events to the story as ideas came rushing. I didn't really see any red thread throughout the course of "Stasis". Now, despite it being such a mundane and boring movie, I actually stuck with it to the very end.

There were literally no special effects in the movie, which was a puzzling thing, because as a sci-fi movie then special effects and visual effects are a must. And for a movie such as this to make very little or no use of special effects at all was just as good as them having signed their own death sentence.

The acting in "Stasis" was wooden and rigid, and I can't really point anyone out as being memorable or outstanding. So don't get your hopes up for some award winning performances here. One thing that did work out in favor of the movie, in a way, was the fact that the entire cast was unfamiliar faces. I enjoy watching new talents in movies, so that was at least a plus in favor of the movie.

I endured this movie to the very end, and I can in all honesty say that I am never returning to watch "Stasis" a second time.

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