Starsky & Hutch


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled49%
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Rachael Harris as Mrs. Feldman's Other Friend
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Ben Stiller as David Starsky
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Jason Bateman as Kevin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BlackVelvet886 / 10

Hmm ...

Okay, I guess I should know the "Starsky and Hutch" 70's show to truly understand this movie. But judging by my thoughts, the film was a little, well, disappointing.

Sure, it was funny and there were some jaw-dropping moments, but I expected more. Sure, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are meant to tickle some funny bones, and sure, it's a buddy-cops action film. I love to be entertained by comedy and action, but I still expected more.

When I say "more," I mean more form. The film just kind of rocked back and forth instead of really developing. Once you see an action sequence, you expect something to "resolve" or calm that sequence, but no, instead it's another action sequence. It goes on and on until one stops for a disco dance battle or a three-way kiss. See what I mean? So basically, all this film is missing is better form to get the film going.

However, just for laughs, one thing to praise this movie for is Wilson's effort in his Korean (in the Russian Roulette scene). Of course, he only says 3 or 4 lines, but they're pretty accurate. Now, I don't know the language well myself, but compared to most other people who try, his dictions actually sound clear.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg10 / 10

Wait 'til you see what you can learn by watching it with subtitles!

I must admit that I'd never heard of "Starsky & Hutch" until the movie came out. But what a movie! Featuring frequent co-stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as the eponymous, ultra-cool cops in 1970s LA, the movie is one crazy thing after another. Snoop Dogg as hoodlum-turned-informant Huggy Bear is a hoot, Vince Vaughn as villain Reese Feldman is great, and the whole movie just makes you long for the '70s.

But in my opinion, the best part of the movie is watching it with Spanish subtitles (as I often do when watching a movie on DVD). They've got some impressive translations there. As it was, even though my mom didn't watch the movie itself, she could hear it, and asked me the next morning about the Carpenters' song in it (which I didn't recognize); I assume that it was the song played at the bat mitzvah (although what ends up happening in that scene sort of overshadows everything else).

All in all, a hilarious movie. Also starring Fred Williamson, Juliette Lewis, Chris Penn, and Will Ferrell.

Reviewed by gavin69427 / 10

Will This Comedy Combo Ever Lose Its Flair?

So any time you mix a Will Ferrell, Ben Stiller, Todd Phillips, Wilson brother, and/or Vince Vaughn these days... you're pretty much guaranteed greatness (or at least a box office success). Will this train to gravy town ever end? Not with "Starsky" it won't... another winner. (This time with Juliette Lewis -- her first time? -- and Snoop Dogg -- also in "Old School" -- thrown in.) The film is full of great moments, from the dissertation on the sovereignty of Luxembourg to the return of the Dan Band (again, "Old School").

Chris Penn's appearance was sad... but if this was one of his last films, at least he left an impact in this world. Thanks, Chris, I love you.

I should also mention the soundtrack is spectacular - bringing back old hits that time has forgotten, much like "Dodgeball". All over, this film was very enjoyable and I'll probably end up watching it over and over again on those cold Wisconsin nights.

As for the plot, it's two cops in the 1970s working undercover and disco dancing, while making out with Carmen Electra and fighting Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn in cheesy mustaches. If that's not your cup of tea, move on... but if it is, you'll probably love this film as much as some of the others (although this film is not as good as "Dodgeball" or "Anchorman", if that's what you think I'm getting at.)

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