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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chet197 / 10

Entertaining and Fun...not sure how accurate

I do not know enough about Hungarian history to judge if this movie accurately portrays the Turk-Hungarian wars, but it is quite entertaining as far as war movies go. There were plenty of confusing parts, but these parts are in the original book too, so you cannot blame the movie makers. For example, our hero travels to Istanbul to rescue his father. He encounters some resistance, and so he sails away. Heroes should not just quit and sail away and leave their family in prison, so that is one thing I cannot understand. Another reviewer, Endredil from Hungary, noted some of the unintentionally funny scenes involving the soldiers. I did not notice this at first, but after I read Endredil's comments, I re-watched the scenes, and I realized he is absolutely correct. Pay attention when the Hungarians pour boiling water on the Turks on the ladders. Instead of just falling down, the soldiers turn around, and you can actually see them looking for a place to fall (I guess these are stunt men looking for the safe mattress to fall on). Good movie filled with love and comedy, as well as historical adventure.

Reviewed by endredil7 / 10

Good heroic film from the past with some strange scenes

There were many mistakes, unskilled men playing soldiers at the ambush, sometimes very slow scenes, which make the film funny. For example: "dying" Turkish fighters watch peacefully the continue of the battle, they look around after being boiled by hot water and jumping down (at the wall climbing),fake Gypsy dancing for long minutes without any reason. But it was the last big Hungarian film. The original story is perfect with its heroic historical content and romantic events, which would be interesting for a foreigner too. A modern adaption would be a good idea, but the present Hungarian film makers weren't able to do as good film as the story would deserve - I think.

Reviewed by star-3010 / 10

The greatest Hungarian production from the 60s

There was a time of expensive films supported by the state in the middle-European-area. Like SU made his "War and Peace"-blockbuster (cca.$300 million),his political partner Hungary made him too. It is called "Stars of Eger" from Geza Gardonyi's classic novel. Eger is a town that won a match against theTturkish army in the 16th century.

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