Star Kid


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Danny Masterson as Kevin
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Joseph Mazzello as Spencer Griffith
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Jack McGee as Hank Bruntley
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Corinne Bohrer as Janet Holloway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Curtis G.7 / 10

A fun little romp.

I remember seeing the preview to "Star Kid" when it came out in theaters and thinking, "Man, does that look dumb." Last night it came on one of the movie channels--at 10pm, strangely--so I figured I'd let it play in the background while I did some work. I ended up watching the whole thing, and guess what--I really enjoyed it. Sure, there are some inevitably silly scenes, but then, at 37, I'm way out of the target demographic.

I don't want to find fault with the movie because "it is what it is." The actors are all decent, the effects are better than I had expected, and best of all, it has heart. I'm building a library of movies for our kids (when we finally have some),and said movies will need to be wholesome family entertainment that I won't mind watching, too. I will definitely include "Star Kid."

Reviewed by lordzedd-39 / 10

fun family flick

I got to admit I enjoyed STAR KID. The story works, the characters work, the monsters work. Everything basically works for this movie. I love the Cyborsuit, he is a clever character. The whole premise almost reminds me of FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR a few years back. But not much. This is a fun movie that the whole family can get into, there plenty of action, humor and warmth so even Mom can like this movie. The guys will like all the cool alien monsters both good and bad. Now some of the dialog was weak at points and I think they spent to much time on Spencer before the Cyborsuit arrived. But other then that I think this is a fun flick that you can watch over and over again. 9 STARS.

Reviewed by Atreyu_II8 / 10

Not terrific but generally fun and imaginative

Joseph Mazzello. I like him very much. That is why I wanted to see this film, even though the plot wasn't especially promising. This isn't one of Joseph's best films. It is okay but quite flawed. No less true is that, without our idol Joseph, it would have been a lot worse. He takes the whole movie alone. The movie only works because of him. As usual, Joseph is wonderful on his part.

The only strange and minor side of his acting here is that he spends a great deal of time inside a cybersuit. Nothing wrong with his acting, it's just that spending such a great amount of time inside of a cybersuit is a limitation that prevents him from doing other things he could do, even though he still goes far on this role despite the limitations implied. He's got some hilarious lines and he does some pretty funny faces as well (always so convincing and expressive).

The things Spencer (Joseph's character) does in this movie with Cy (the cybersuit)... I bet this is how little Bobby from 'Radio Flyer' would have liked to make his brutal stepfather "The King" pay for everything he did to him.

It's a fun film to watch, original and imaginative. Yes, it's silly, but worthy for Joseph Mazzello's fans precisely thanks to him.

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