Squadra antiscippo

1976 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy / Crime

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Jack Palance as Norman Shelley / Richard J. Russo
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Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Italian Poliziesco with Tomas Milian in his usual role as an outlandish , ragged and outcast cop .

A criminal fiction with suspense , intrigue , frantic action , turns , a lot of twisted incidents , at the same time charged with tension and level staging enough which the viewer could really enjoy . Nico Giraldi (Tomas Milian) is a two-fisted undercover cop acting in the violent and rude manners of the Roman periphery and confronting the heaviest situations . Here Tomas Milian performs the likable and sui-generis role of commissary Nico Giraldi , formerly a robber who decided to join on the other side of the law by enlisting in the police , without loosing his slutty and dirty appearance ; however , when he's working proceeds with seriousness and effectivity enough , regarding crime and offenders . Along the way , the unkempt , wisecrack undercover cop pursues and detains a series of purse snatchers until he discovers an American at the top of an evil ring of robbers . As a ring of pickpockets and thieves plagues Geraldi's city , he attempts to find the hoodlums and the criminal mastermind behind the thieves . Eventually , he arrests Baronetto (Guido Mannari) ; later on , and from now on , Gerardi finds out the nasty Richard Russo (Jack Palance) is the true crime boss . The latter successfully dodges the police , while he leads his criminal empire with cunning and ruthlessness . Only a cop in blue jeans can bring justice to a city gone mad. He's clever . Sadistic. Ruthless . Jack Palance is the master criminal too twisted for even the toughest cops on the force . But he's about to meet a cop who's even crazier... The Cop in Blue Jeans...is dressed to kill.

Nice first entry in cop Nico Gerardi series with noisy action , thrills , shooutous , motorcycle chases , car pursuits and brief doses of humor in charge of the main character . Formula thriller with plenty of action , crisply edition , tension , intrigue , suspenseful , skin bared and lots of violence in exploitation style . It belongs to Italian Poliziesco sub-genre , essentially developed in the Seventies and including ordinary trappings .The film is interesting enough , though it has some flaws , gaps and failures . This film results to be one of the best among the whole saga of the Tomas Milian/Nico , adding usual seasonings about the particular role Girardi. In the end , Nico must deal with Russo in a thrilling chase , causing a real pandemonium and including a surprising confrontation at an Embassy . Stars Tomas Milian , a sympathetic actor , well known for his several Spaghetti Westerns . After the tremendous success of Sergio Leone's A Fistful of dollars (1964) starring Clint Eastwood, Milian grubbed up his own image and propelled himself to stardom in similar fashion in such classic "spaghetti westerns" as The Bounty Killer (1966) , A fistful of Dollars (1966) with Lee Van Cleef , Face to Face (1967) , Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot! (1967) and ¡Corre, Cuchillo... corre ! (1968). He later turned to comedy , playing the recurrent characters of petty thief Monnezza and Serpico-like police officer Nico Giraldi a peculiar top undercover cop who often uses unofficial means to track down delinquents without avoiding his attitude of rude man, this is an attractive role who he performed in a variety of crime-comedy pictures playing in the manner of Serpico . He's well accompanied by a good cast , such as : Jack Palance during his Italian period and overacting in his regular style , Guido Mannari , Roberto Messina , Benito Stefanelli and the gorgeous Maria Rosario Omaggio as his girlfriend .

The motion picture Squadra antiscippo or Cop in Blue Jeans or Brigada Todo Terreno (1976) was professionally directed by Bruno Corbucci, Sergio Corbucci's brother . Bruno wrote and directed various Hill-Spencer films as ¨Banana Joe¨ , ¨Miami Supercops¨ , ¨Par-Impar¨ , ¨Cat and Dog¨ and ¨Aladdin¨ . He was a prolific writer and director , writing the famous cult Spaghetti : ¨Django¨ and many others . If you love the Tomas Milian's other movies, go for it , and if you've never seen one this is an acceptable start ; but being especially appointed for Milian fans .This is an acceptable entertaining juvenile that will appeal to Italian thrillers buffs .

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Tomas Milian channels Serpico in this lively Italian crime film

A daft but enjoyable Italian crime thriller starring everybody's favourite Italian leading man, Tomas Milian. The first half mainly consists of action as Milian battles and chases various criminals on his trusty motorbike, while snapping at people in the way that tough Italian cops invariably do. A wealth of cheesy dialogue, well-staged action and a fast-moving plot make it very easy to take and an enjoyable viewing experience. In the second half, evil businessman Jack Palance makes his unwelcome appearance. His hoods beat up and kill a man at a snooker hall in a violent confrontation. After this, Milian wages war on Palance and hunts him down, events culminating in a cross-country chase by car.

Milian here adopts the persona of Al Pacino in SERPICO, as a laid back, weirdly-dressed cop who looks more like a hippie. Milian has posters of Pacino in his bedroom and keeps a pet mouse in his pocket (the mouse turns up unexplainedly wearing a hat in the last shot - a cool, but weird surprise!). Milian's growling, startlingly athletic role is a good one and the genre veteran acquits himself well with it, creating a funny, likable character. His opposite - the movie's villain - is played by the ever-grinning Palance, who does his usual thing (smokes cigars, smiles a lot and just acts kind of sleazy).

Highlights include the flat-out action ending, which really gets the pulse going; a never-ending scene where Milian chases a gang, first up a flight of stairs on his motorbike and then across a roof; a fight in a market; plus a horrible '70s disco inhabited by a crudely-drawn homosexual and a cameo dancer who proceeds to put his jacket on back to front (!?!). Although the plot is simple in the extreme (the "cops and robbers" idea at it's crudest),there are lots of characters and situations to make it seem more complicated than it really is; the genre staples of beatings, gang fights, shoot-outs, car chases etc. are all presented in a stylish way. The twee theme music is annoying at first but soon grows on you too. THE COP IN BLUE JEANS is a solid addition to the Italian crime cycle and worthwhile viewing for all action-orientated fans!

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan8 / 10

" Blue Jean-I just met me a girl named Blue Jean."

Left breathless by Live by a Cop,Die Like a Man,I started looking for other Italian Crime (IC) films to watch for the 1976 poll on ICM. Starring in the first IC I saw (Almost Human) I was excited to find a Tomas Milian IC title from the year,which led to me buying some blue jeans.

The plot:

Spending years as a member of the underworld, Nico Giraldi turns his back on crime,and enters the police force. Aware of his time in the underworld,the Giraldi's fellow officers keep a close watch,and give him and his blue jeans the task of catching a gang of purse snatchers. Catching one of the thieves,Giraldi opens a purse to the criminal underworld.

View on the film:

Roaring into life with toe-tapping theme music for Giraldi by Guido De Angelis and Maurizio De Angelis, co-writer/(with Mario Amendola) director Bruno Corbucci & cinematographer Sebastiano Celeste kick off with a thrilling blend of Italian Crime and Action Comedy,with scatter-gun tracking shots giving Giraldi motorbike chases a frantic atmosphere,and a use of multiple different types of props for the street fights giving them an Action Comedy slickness. Filming parts of it at an airport and a big football match, Corbucci gets Giraldi's blue jeans dirty via extended crane shots sweeping across the streets and catching the decay of Italian Crime that Giraldi is fighting against.

Cheekily naming Giraldi's pet rat Serpico and having posters of the film on his bedroom wall (!),the screenplay by Corbucci and Amendola thread their Italian Crime jeans with a wonderfully quirky vibe, via making Giraldi a bohemian,whose time spent on the other side of the law gives him a quick-wit to outsmart the new league of gangsters. Starting Giraldi's investigation at a petty crime level,the writers smoothly peel away at every level of the underworld, leading to Giraldi opening the purse of the top gangster in the city. Jumping with joy in his hippy clothes, Tomas Milian gives a fantastic performance as Giraldi,thanks to Milian weaving the rogue charm of the Italian Crime outlaw with an eye-catching quirky manner for the cop in blue jeans.

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