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Lauren Holly as Chihiro's Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by supertom-310 / 10

Best animated film I have seen!

This is a wonderfully imaginative and fantastical children's fantasy. It is easy to see why it was perhaps the critical hit of 2002. The film is glorious to look at. It is a testament to old fashioned animation techniques that seem to be resigned to foreign animations. Of course there is some use of computer imagery for certain shots but they blend seamlessly and the overall artistry involved is superlative.

This is the first Hayao Miyazaki film I have seen and I will certainly watch his others. The story plays on many elements successful with kids films, that transport you back to your own childhood and also allows the young audience to connect with the themes in the movie too. The story centres around Chihiro, a young girl about to move into a new place and who feels insecure about the new environment she will be living in. These fears become a part of her encounter with a strange abandoned amusement park that she and her parents find when they reach a dead end in their car. At the park they find that their is a stall that is seemingly open, with glorious displays of mouth watering food. There are no people about but Chihiros parents decide to gorge themselves on this bounty and pay later. As Chihioro explores she comes across a strange boy who warns her to get out before dark. It is too late however, because as night falls, ghosts are awakened, and then by the time she gets back to her parents they are turned into pigs. She then finds that the route she came from is gone and she is now trapped in this place, her only allie being the boy she met earlier. She is told to get a job at the centre piece of the park, a bath house run by Yubaba, an evil power mad witch. This is a bath house for the spirits and Chihiro has to find a job there before she is found and turned into an animal herself, then unable to save her parents.

The story is imaginative and the characters and animations endlessly unique and strange. This is just so much more creative than Hollywood. The characters are likeable and we become engrossed with Chihiros adventures inside this bathhouse, and the characters she comes into contact with as she tries to get her parents back as humans and whilst trying to get back to the human world. What I also loved in this film is that the animation gives it a real sense of cinematography, the drawing makes the film stand out in a way that American animations rarely do. Another film I think of that looked really good was Bellville Rendezvous. Another great point in fact the best part of it, is the fantastic score. It really is uplifting and very original. This is just great film making. *****

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

Exceptional, but perhaps not so much for the casual viewer

I have seen many international films over the years and quite a few of these were Japanese. In addition, unlike many parents, I have seen a lot of anime that my kids have watched so at least I have some familiarity with the medium. Yet, with my background I still felt pretty confused and baffled by the strangeness of this movie. Now this isn't to say I didn't like it, but so many times I just couldn't understand exactly what was happening. Interestingly, when I saw the film again, I understood it much better and appreciated it much more. And this may be exactly how you might want to approach the film unless you already are a die-hard anime fan. See it, but be willing to see it without trying to think out the odd plot too much or even try seeing it several times. I know that each time I did, the film became more and more enjoyable and I began to notice so many cultural references. Now, several years after I first saw it in the theater, I have seen a lot more Japanese anime and films and it's practically second-nature to follow the film. So, for adults and those unfamiliar with the medium, this movie might take a bit of effort to fully enjoy, though with more and more children being familiar with and loving anime, it's very likely your kids will love it and will then be able to explain it to you!! As for the film, the animation is the best I have seen in any Miyazaki film, the story deep and fascinating and it's full of cute and endearing little touches that make the movie magical. See this with an open mind, please.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

Prepare to be enchanted!

I love Studio Ghibli, and Spirited Away is one of my favourite films from the studio. This is coming from someone who was delighted by Howl's Moving Castle, blown away by Princess Mononoke, emotionally devastated by Grave of the Fireflies and touched by the simplicity of The Cat Returns all but to name a few. Spirited Away is a mystical, charming and truly enchanting animated fantasy, even with the long length and some slow moments. The animation is absolutely stunning, both the hand drawn visuals and the CGI graphics give an ethereal charm to the film. The characters move more than convincingly and the colours are beautiful. The music is also outstanding, I loved the simplicity of the piano and the drama of the more dramatic parts. The story is a pleasure, I know people have complained of some loose ends, but it is an original, touching and charming one I feel. I also loved the characters. Chihiro, voiced with real enthusiasm by Daveigh Chase, is sulky to begin with, but she is also brave and resourceful, traits I like in young heroines. Lin is kind and sympathetic, and Susan Egan who was also in Porco Rosso was unusually sensitive as the character. Jason Marsden is charming as Haku, and Suzanne Pleshette is perfect as the grotesque Yubaba and as her sister Zeniba. Overall, I loved Spirited Away, it is really charming. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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