Something Wicked


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Shantel VanSanten Photo
Shantel VanSanten as Christine / James's fiancee
Brittany Murphy Photo
Brittany Murphy as Susan / Psychiatrist
Julian Morris Photo
Julian Morris as Ryan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10


The film opens with a car being hit by a train while a scarecrow watches. It then flashes back to one hour earlier, then 10 minutes later it brings us up to the same point, making this flashback rather useless, other than to set up a flashback near the end.

Christine (Shantel VanSanten) is going to go to Oregon University. Unfortunately her parents were killed in said train accident with her boyfriend behind the wheel. An incident at Oregon U. involving being pushed into the pool turns into a who-dun-it before the first killing.


Christine is not mentally well and may be hallucinating or have a split personality.

James (John Robinson) is her mill worker boy friend. He doesn't want her to go to college in fear of losing her to some rich frat boy.

Bill (James Patrick Stuart) is her creepy uncle who spies on her, even while in the bathroom getting dressed. Apparently Eric Roberts was too busy doing cameo roles to accept this part.

Susan (Brittany Murphy) is Bill's wife who can't have children. She is a confidant to Christine, but has her own mental issues.

Ryan (Julian Morris) is the creepy son of the mill owner (Robert Blanche) who dreams about having sex with Christine...and sawing his missing mother at the mill.

The film drops clues. In fact it is inundated with clues, but leaves out one important piece of information for the clues to make sense. This comes at the very end as a way to say, "see how clever we are?" The problem was not the clever script, but how it was presented in a non-entertaining fashion. The dialogue was boring. The characters were stock. More akin to a Lifetime film than a horror flick.

The title does indeed come from the phrase "Something wicked this way comes," but that title was already taken and this film had nothing to do with that one.

Guide: F-bomb. Near sex. Butt nudity with thong.

SCENE SPOILER: In one scene Christine leaves a shower and her clothes are missing. She has a towel wrapped around her. She gets pushed in the pool. The towel stays wrapped around her, even as she climbs out of the pool. As she leaves, she is clearly wearing panties as the panty line shows through the wet towel and we can also see them from the front. She was taking a shower, I assume naked and not wearing panties. Her clothes were stolen...I think you know where I am going with this.

Reviewed by filipemanuelneto3 / 10


I decided to see this film not because it was the last of Brittany Murphy's - unfortunately short - career, but rather because I was an appreciator of horror in general. However, I wasn't surprised by what I found: another cheap film, with all the faults of the genre, but at least capable of entertaining us for a while.

The film begins with a couple who try, after a terrible accident that kills her parents, to move their relationship forward and prepare for their wedding. It turns out that, as the date approaches and all the preparations are made, the bride begins to feel that she is being chased by something, or someone, and that she is in danger.

The film is unremarkable, has a very worn script and doesn't bring anything new. The feeling is that we've seen the same thing, much better, before. The most usual horror clichés are also very present. The ending is pretty good, but I'm not sure if it's really worth the effort to see the rest of the movie. It will never be a memorable film, but if we want a film that entertains us for a while without having to think too hard, I think it meets the requirements. Darin Scott's direction is erratic and boring, and the script by Joe Colleran and Joseph Mungra is basic and uninteresting.

Shantel VanSanten is the protagonist in the role of the young bride. She's beautiful, she's sexy, but she's not particularly remarkable or has shown any remarkable talent, just doing what really needs to be done. It may be little, but it was what she needed to shine in this movie. Brittany Murphy, far from the heyday of her career, hit rock bottom here, with a minor role in a forgettable movie. And while it's not a film cut out for male actors to stand out, I think John Robinson and James Patrick Stuart did a satisfying job and are good additions to the cast.

Technically, it's a film that has very little to present to us. Being a low-budget film, there are no great effects or cinematic gimmicks here, nor an amazing soundtrack. Nothing. Cinematography, which would perhaps be the technical aspect with the greatest propensity to stand out, is tiring, uninteresting and does not bring anything really good or worthy of note.

Reviewed by lnvicta3 / 10


The whole "stalker killer" angle in horror movies has been done to death, which is essentially what Something Wicked is. Except this movie tries to be different - so different in fact that the plot is the most convoluted, messy piece of crap I've seen in a while, and just about everything in the movie meant to imbue scares or intrigue fails on every single level.

There's nothing positive I can say about this movie. The acting was alright I guess, and it's nice seeing James Patrick Stuart (Dick Roman from Supernatural) take the spotlight for a bit, but everything else is unbelievably terrible. The script is so disjointed and makes no sense, the directing is atrocious, the pacing is awkward and makes the movie seem even more confusing than it already is. It tries to combine the supernatural with paranoia, stalker, and mystery elements. The only one it did well was mystery because it's a mystery how this garbage was allowed to be made in the first place.

I feel it deserves a lower score because I kept hoping it would redeem itself by the end and it only got worse and worse. I guess it's a testament to the writing for keeping me invested throughout the whole thing, even if it was an enormous disappointment. Honestly though, no one needs to see this movie. It's a Frankenstein of a movie - pieces of different genres incoherently mashed together creating a disaster of a "horror" film.

Stay far away; this movie is indeed something wicked.

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