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Peter Capaldi as Gavin Bellini
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Phyllis Logan as Karla
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Simon Callow as Eddie Cherdowski
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by capri42857 / 10

It started with a bit of very familiar scenery

What drew my attention to this film was the fact that a place where Gavin was trying to hitch a lift was in fact a place that was VERY close to where I lived at the time. I don't know how you add to the filming locations on this site, but I can tell you that the scene where Gavin gets a lift from the Skinhead with the luton Transit Van is none other than the old A74 road at Coalburn,Lanarkshire,Scotland that was the main route south before the motorway was built parallel to it, and in fact I was taken on that very road to learn to drive, and the café he goes into I know very well,too! but after this I really concentrated on the film and watched it again and found it is actually a well written film with two leading Scottish actors in it (Who incidentally live in Hamilton,Scotland!) who as someone pointed out are really married. The film consisted of some good scenes using a lot of British places such as where I've already mentioned but it takes you up through the M6 motorway, Tebay services (The big tower on the motorway) and a fair bit of scenery from the Scottish borders as well as Morecambe. The 1971 Triumph Herald that Gavin drove in the film is roughly one of the last made and was quite fitting for the character, although a couple of bits with the scenery here annoyed me such as when they break down, Karla the mechanic doesn't exactly turn the engine over for long, and if the Dynamo had gone(Watch the film!) you wouldn't be turning anything over cos the battery would be flat! Overall it was a good film using a lot of instantly recognisable scenery which for me is a bonus instead of places in America that I wouldn't recognise if you stood me there.

Reviewed by malmborgimplano-92-5998206 / 10

Portrait of the artist as a young...I don't know what you'd call this

For those of us filling in the hiatus between Series 8 and Series 9 of "Doctor Who" with Capaldiwatching, this indie picture (currently available on Vimeo) is a must-see as a semiautobiographical portrait of the actor in the years between his first big break as an actor with "Local Hero" and his breakthrough as a bona fide star in "The Thick Of It."

I get the feeling of something unrealized about this film. As an actor Capaldi has a certain idiosyncratic charm and humor that just isn't coming through, either in his performance or in the film as a whole. I'm guessing what was needed was for Capaldi himself to direct as well as writing and appearing in it, or maybe to just concentrate on the filmmaking while using a Capaldi surrogate as the star, as he did a few years later with Richard E. Grant in his Oscar-winning "Franz Kafka's It's A Wonderful Life."

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