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Jen Lilley as Kate Daniels
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Amy Groening as Jayne
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Chris McNally as Noah
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Reviewed by drbreakwell4 / 10


Alberta has amazing mountain scenery, but Banff does not have the Calgary hotel, which was seen peaking behind the hotel they went to tour (and not the famous Banff Springs). The early film had the group driving from Calgary to Banff a rather bumpy road. What I do know is the highway to Banff is anything but bumpy. It's too bad the film makers can't get facts right.

Reviewed by vintagegeek2 / 10

Whining Whining Whine Some More

How much whining can Jen Lilley do in the first 10 minutes. This was awful. Writing really bad,. The lead male actor comes across as a moron. The only pleasant part was the red headed assistant and the scenery of Banff.

Reviewed by cgvsluis7 / 10

Beautiful backdrop to fall in love to.

Snowkissed starts in an obnoxiously New York way with our quintessential travel adverse New York free-lance journalist getting a call from a publisher and picking up her breakfast bagel from a street vender with her fast talking best friend before being jostled by a walker and hailing a taxi.

She gets an assignment to interview her favorite Banff, Canada. She has a panic attack in Canada (for Pete sake!) when she thinks she lost her passport. She meets a charming and well spoken gentleman who exchanges witty repartee with her before discovering that he is there to pick her up.

"Keep your eyes peeled for bears."-Noah.

Noah sold his HR firm six years ago and opened a B&B with his business partner Simon...who are branching out into the tour business.

"What's wrong with a pot?"-Kate "It kind of stunts your growth doesn't it?"-Noah.

Thankfully Kate's best friend, Jane, a photographer goes with her...because she is more of a normal person and less of a crazy arrogant uptight New Yorker. Kate's afraid of travel, heights, sharing a bathroom with strangers,...and an endless list of things.

"New York is the best city in the world."-Kate.

"You two are like oil and water."-Jane.

"I like to say I kicked Noah out of his nest."-Owen

This is a sweet romantic comedy with chemistry for days! The lead actress does noxious awkward New Yorker very well.

Sweetly set in a snowy local perfect for January!

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