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Christina Milian as Angela Moreno
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Reviewed by Catharina_Sweden8 / 10

A wonderful Christmas movie for all ages

When I read what this movie was about, it sounded silly, absurd and dishonest. Which of course it is, too! But then when I watched it, I was still seduced by it. Because it recaptured that Christmas magic that one could feel when one was a child, and still able to see a whole world in a snow-globe or a Christmas tree ball made of glass... A wonderful movie to help you get into the Christmas spirit! Also, the fact that Angela's real life is taking place in a big city in present times, and in a slightly dysfunctional modern family, makes it easier to identify with her.

I loved the innocent and healthy snow-globe world..! There were so many perfect images of Christmas in there, that I had to stop the movie several times just to watch them closely! I got some ideas for Christmas decoration next year as well! :-) ...but of course I also understood the message about stop looking for the perfect things that do not exist, and that you probably would get bored with quickly even if you could find them. And to be happy with what you have got in reality instead. Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful! This is a wonderful Christmas movie to watch with your family. Both children, teenagers and adults will find something to love in it!

Reviewed by Kranadon657 / 10

Family full of jerks

Angela is a single girl trying to live her life. Her family is full of jerks though who treat her badly. From her loud mouthed mother to her free loading kin. Her pregnant sister is especially a jerk as is her lazy good for nothing husband. Finally she finds some happiness in a magical snowglobe. Too bad in real life you cant get away from a bad family full of snotty jerks. In the end which is a cliché she ends up happy with a convenient boyfriend but her family are still jerks in my opinion.

Reviewed by aloneal8 / 10

Light and lovely

This movie made me fall in love with Christina Milian. It's a light, innocent and romantic Christmas movie, without being tastelessly sugar-sweet. The story situates itself sort of in two places; the too ideal dream-place of the snowglobe and the everyday challenging real world. Angela (Christina) gets tempted to lay the emphasize of her interest at the snowglobe, and the too naive and jolly person she meets there. Thus becoming blind for the real boy that lives down the hall and that gets invited by her family to meet her. After the two worlds start to mingle, she starts to realize the charm of the real world and starts to fall also for the real boy. The whole is however presented in a very light and easy to comprehend way. Yes, the family-interaction is not always worked out in the most believable way. But Christina's beauty and the sweetness of her lovely character in this movie compensates more than enough. For one lonely Christmas-evening she became my ideal snowglobe-girl.

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