Snow and the Bear

2022 [TURKISH]


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Merve Dizdar as Asli
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Reviewed by cagrihan1610 / 10


A movie that you watched in one breath and stays in your mind for days afterwards.

Strong script, great acting.

Although the story starts with a single girl than it covers a town while taking you to a tour about the behavior of the community.

You feel the cold, you feel the storm, you feel the solitude. You feel the power of a girl with her own ethos and her own manifest to the universe. Movie puts you in a town alone and makes you think about your loneliness.

Again and again strong script, wonderfull wiev, great acting.

Hard to guess if the bear is really exist or is it just your imagination.

Reviewed by Blue-Grotto10 / 10

compelling and moving messages about human attempts to control nature

A bear, awakened early from hibernation and hungry, stalks the snow-covered forest of a remote and tiny mountain town. At the same time a young nurse, Asli, arrives in the village to start a new life. There is a man in her way at every turn. Three men figure prominently on the list of the most threatening to her independence. Hasan is the conservative town drunk who hates bears almost as much as he hates women. Samet, a kind mountain man and protector of wildlife, is Hasan's opposite. However, in his obsession with Asli he might be the more dangerous of the two men. The third main male obstacle in Asli's life is her father who doubts and seeks to control her from afar. Asli tries to find her own path through the woods full of dangerous beasts, human and animal.

Cut down the sacred tree and spirit of nature, states a Turkish legend, and nature will have its revenge somehow. In this ancient story it is a bear that becomes the agent of vengeance. The bear is what the villagers fear most. Yet there is a wild animal inside each person's heart which is something more potent and formidable.

Director Selcen Ergun's debut feature provides compelling and moving messages about human attempts to control nature, romance, wildlife, and women. "It is how I feel as a woman in the world," Ergun said at the film's world premiere in Toronto. A woman attempting to find her way in a misogynistic world, where even kindhearted and well-meaning men might lead women astray from being who they are. Ambient sounds of wind and crackling fires combine with stirring, sparse music. The ending is profoundly emotional and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Ergun meditates on a time when the winter will cease and the world will just let women and nature be.

Reviewed by yusufpiskin7 / 10

Kar ve Ayi

A 2022 drama film starring Merve Dizdar and Saygin Soysal, whose script was written by Yesim Aslan and Selcen Ergun...

With her first feature film, after his short films "Gunesli Bir Gun" and "Karsilasma" Ergun takes a busy and big job, but he manages it successfully.

She does not take refuge in the unwritten rule of 'the first film has no sin' and presents his screenplay to the audience in the desired consistency, with both sound design and cinematography.

Yes, if you want to force it critically, you can find the deficiencies, but at the end of the day, when the last credits start to flow, Ergun tells you his problem...

The production, which will meet with the festival audience in Ankara after Antalya and Istanbul, will hopefully be the first of many films that Ergun will shoot.

The professionalism she showed during the Bosphorus Film Festival and the fact that he did not remain silent in the face of fascists is an indication that we will see Ergun's name among names such as Pelin Esmer and Yesim Ustaoglu in the future.

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