Smiles of a Summer Night

1955 [SWEDISH]

Action / Comedy / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho8 / 10

Delightful, Cynical and Witty

In the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the successful fifty years old lawyer Fredrik Egerman (Gunnar Björnstrand) has been married for three years with his naive nineteen years old wife Anne (Ulla Jacobsson),who is still virgin. His adult son from his former marriage, Henrik (Björn Bjelvenstam),lives in celibate preparing to be a priest. Their servant is the young and futile Petra (Harriet Andersson),who easily falls in love for every man. When Frederik goes to the theater with Anne, he sees the actress and his former mistress Desiree Armfeldt (Eva Dahlbeck) and he meets her alone in her dressing room after the performance. They go to her house, Frederik falls in one puddle and she gives the robe and the pajamas of her present lover, the military Count Carl Magnus Malcolm (Jarl Kulle),who is married with Anne's friend Countess Charlotte Malcolm (Margit Carlquist). However, Malcolm unexpectedly arrives and after the unpleasant encounter of the trio, Desiree ends their relationship. On the next morning, Desiree plots a weekend in her mother's summer real state with Frederik, Anne, Henrik, Malcolm and Charlotte, with the intention of seducing Frederik again. Along the night, with the three smiles of love, four couples are formed.

"Sommarnattens Leende" is a delightful, cynical and witty romantic comedy with wonderful dialogs and situations. Showing a magnificent art direction and cinematography, this sardonic story discloses three different types of love: the pure of the youngsters, represented by Anne and Henrik; the silly and quite naive, represented by the maid Petra and the groom Frid; and the cynical and malicious of the arrogant Malcolm and Charlotte and the Machiavellian Desiree and Frederik. In the DVD, Ingmar Bergman explains the importance of this movie in his career, with the recognition of the Sweden Industry giving independence for him after the worldwide success of "Sommarnattens Leende" inclusive in Cannes Festival. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Sorrisos de Uma Noite de Amor" ("Smiles of a Night of Love")

Reviewed by preppy-38 / 10

Beautiful title

A rare comedy from director Ingmar Bergman.

It takes place at the turn of the century. Fredrik Egerman is an old, cynical man who is married to beautiful, young (20) Anne. She can't have sex with him--she's too afraid. He knows and agrees to be patient. He also has a son from a previous marriage (Henrik) who is attracted to Anne. He's also attracted to the maid Petra. Then there's Desiree, a former mistress of Fredrik who is now sleeping with Malcolm (who's also married) and still attracted to Fredrik. Got all that? They all end up spending a summer weekend at a beautiful house in the woods. Things come to a head.

I've always wanted to see this--the title alone is beautiful. I did see it in a revival theatre in the 1980s--I hated it. The print was lousy and edited! During a fairly explicit (for 1955) talk about sex the subtitles disappeared! Just saw it again--unedited and in pretty good shape. While I don't think this is a masterpiece (I'm not a Bergman fan) I did like this.

It is funny--but pretty subtle. The relationships are all complicated but you do have them straight by the end. What's really good about this film is how Bergman treats (and shows) his female characters. Except for Anne (but she changes) they're strong, stand up for themselves and find men and their ways amusing--some of Desirre's looks were very funny. Also, in the form of Petra, they want sex and have no problem letting men know. For 1955 audiences this must have been shocking--Petra (almost) bares her breast and the sexual talk between women is very frank.

The acting is good by everybody...but the film is lacking in romance. I never believed any of these characters loved each other. Also it's slow-moving but it all ends happily. So I did like it--I give it an 8.

Later musicalized by Stephen Sondheim as "A Little Night Music" and disastrously remade (sort of) in Woody Allen's "A Midsummers Night Sex Comedy". Avoid that one at all costs.

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

Swedish sexual farce

This movie reminds me so much of the French film "The Rules of the Game" ("Règle du jeu") because both are set in upper-crust society and concern the many affairs that ensued. This film, though, is a little different in that the humor is MUCH more restrained and not nearly as over-the-top as Renoir's flick AND the main characters in this Swedish film try to pretend to have conventional morality--whereas in the French film adultery is a little more openly accepted. Also, although The Rules of the Game is often ranked as one of the best foreign films, I think Bergman's is actually a better film. Why? First, there seems to be more of a message to the film--despite a cynical look at conventional marriage, the film SEEMS to actually support it in some ways (though not for every couple). Secondly, the Bergman film also looks prettier--almost like a fairy tale at times.

While "sex farces" are NOT my cup of tea, if you MUST watch one, this one's about as good as any.

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