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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thabirams1 / 10

Boring is an understatement

This movie is so boring I even cried at one point. Its just so flat no storyline nothing.

Reviewed by fbfxczd1 / 10

Bad Production

This movie is full of Star actors but the production is so bad. I had to have my remote with me to control the audio as it was sometimes super high...sometimes very low. I am disappointed. The acting is very lousy. We can do better South Africa...this movie should have not even been approved by Netflix SA.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen2 / 10

A swing and a miss...

Right, well I had no idea what I was in for here, as I sat down to watch the 2021 movie titled "Slay", aside from it being labelled as a comedy. And the fact that I hadn't already seen the movie was enough to make me give the movie a chance.

Turns out that I was not in for a comedy. Not even by a long shot. There was absolutely nothing funny here, unless you consider being unable to comprehend the strange and heavy accent on the spoken English as being funny. Seriously, I had to turn on the English subtitles in order to fully understand the dialogue.

I have no idea what writers Sasa Nqabeni and Adze Ugah were trying to portray or convey here with the storyline they conjured up for "Slay". But it surely wasn't something that provided me with any level of entertainment. And truth be told, I gave up on the movie not even halfway through. And I am sort of amazed that two writers could collectively manage to write such a boring script and topping it off with characters that were so bland that you don't know where one character ended and the next began.

The acting in the movie was shoddy and dubious, and definitely reeked to high Heaven of it being an amateurish production.

"Slay" is not a movie that I would recommend you waste your time, money or effort on. And this is by no means a movie that I will be returning to at a later time to finish watching, as I simply have zero interest in the storyline or the characters.

My rating of director Adze Ugah's 2021 movie "Slay" lands on a generous two out of ten stars.

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