Ski Party


Action / Comedy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled39%
IMDb Rating5.210745

snow skiing

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Frankie Avalon Photo
Frankie Avalon as Todd Armstrong
Dwayne Hickman Photo
Dwayne Hickman as Craig Gamble
Yvonne Craig Photo
Yvonne Craig as Barbara Norris
Michael Nader Photo
Michael Nader as Bobby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Uriah436 / 10

Has a Direct Relationship to the Beach Movies of This Particular Time

"Todd Armstrong" (Frankie Avalon) and "Craig Gamble" (Dwayne Hickman) are two college roommates who aren't having any luck with two girls they like named "Linda Hughes" (Deborah Walley) and "Barbara Norris" (Yvonne Craig) respectively. So they decide to go on a ski trip in order to stay close to them. Unfortunately, they continue to strike out and unable to figure out why they decide to shift gears and put a new plan into motion. Now rather than reveal any more of the story and risk ruining the film for those who haven't seen it I will just say that this film has a direct relationship to the beach movies of this particular time. That said people who weren't alive during this time or haven't seen any of the beach movies produced in the early 60's probably won't appreciate the music or the comedy. But make no mistake the music was pretty good and I thought some of the scenes were quite funny as well. Likewise, I thought both Bobbi Shaw (as "Nita Elksberg") and the aforementioned Yvonne Craig certainly helped in the scenery department. In any case, I enjoyed this film and rate it as slightly above average.

Reviewed by boblipton5 / 10

And Again

Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman are three-letter men at college, but the girls won't give them a tumble, but not because they are old enough to be professors, but because of the exigencies of the plot. So they go on a ski vacation and decide the best way to get close to the girls is to steal a couple of wigs and pretend to be girls half the time.

There's some decent mechanical jokes in this script, including breaking of the fourth wall and references to SOME LIKE IT HOT. Still, the number of tight close-ups on the rears of frugging girls in bikinis make it apparent what the film makers thought their audiences were interested in seeing. Robert Q. Lewis offers the attraction for older people who want an excuse to see this movie, and Yvonne Craig and Deborah Wally provide the rest.

Reviewed by classicsoncall5 / 10

"You know, you're obnoxious, but you're not dumb."

Little did I know the beach blanket movie genre had a spin-off that took place on snow instead of sandy beaches. I kick myself after watching one of these flicks because I should know better, but I'm trying to be a well rounded movie watcher for the purpose of these reviews. I kind of get the Frankie Avalon team up with Dwayne Hickman, but gee, who did Annette tick off to warrant a mere cameo here? I didn't understand that one at all.

You need a reason to tune in to this one? It would be Lesley Gore singing one of her minor hits "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows", and at the other end of the musical spectrum, James Brown belting out "I Feel Good". I'm a little surprised actually that Brown didn't screw himself into the floor with the gyrating footwork, man it was hard to keep up with. And you know something, I can't even remember him ever being backed up by The Flames. So at least I learned something today.

As for the story, don't even ask. Frankie Avalon had no qualms inquiring about the average audience age for this flick, so when his partner answered '15', that said it all. Actually, Dwayne Hickman put everything in perspective when as his female character Nora, he stated to Jane (also Avalon),"Listen, have a piece of fruit. You'll feel better." That's the best advice for this movie I can think of.

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