Skating to New York


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by redban026 / 10

Fun, but lacking in character development

The basic premise - a coming-of-age story about a group of friends who skate across Lake Ontario - was cool. I really enjoyed the main portion where they skated across the frozen skate, confronting the elements and other dangers. The scenery in those scenes was also gorgeous.

Unfortunately, the movie fails in character development. For example: why exactly do the friends embark on this stunt, skating across Lake Ontario to reach NY? You would hope that there might be some compelling reason, but there isn't. Moreover, I found myself asking about what the characters learned from their stunt: how did their change, grow, or develop. And I'm not too sure. The entire subplot involving one of the boys and his parents was poorly done and uninteresting, as well.

Overall, this movie is solid, but not excellent.

Reviewed by dansview7 / 10

Unique Idea

A risky, long distance lake skate is a great idea for a coming of age picture. While the other aspects were cliched, this concept kept it fresh.

They gave us a glimpse of character development before the big adventure, so we could guess at how each boy would handle it, or perhaps be surprised. But the build-up on land was very short. Because we got more of it out on the lake. They got right to the action and let the characters develop further during the adventure.

But since so little time was spent getting to know the town or the parents, I didn't feel the angst of the kids viscerally. It could have been a more edgy working class drama. Instead it was more like a Disney.

The lead boy carried it competently. I liked his authentic reaction to his mom after the skate, and his early reluctance with the girl. Good facial expressions and outbursts.

Like most coming of age stories, we see who is strong, who is weak, and who makes progress. Our lead made progress. We liked him and rooted for him. Meanwhile we were entertained by the adventure.

Reviewed by natashiaquinn10 / 10

This is the story of Five Canadian teens, set out on an adventure, their adventure and how they deal with new oncoming problems. Great movie recommend you watch.

This is the story of five teenage boys, just wanting something new, exciting, and a fun adventure, choosing to skate from a small town in Canada to New York.

They go on a long adventure, with heart break, comedy, and meeting new people along the way. There are dangers thrown at them, but nothing keeps down, even when death and fear are the only clear thing in front of them.

The deepness and thriller parts of the story kept me watching, it gave an interesting perspective, that not all tend to look more toward.

Each kid has their own secrets and demons to deal with, but through courage, and the power of friendship, these five become family, and get to a new start. Shows how much friends mean, when there's nothing left for us, we can still push to be farther and so much more, do something about it, with the support of others.

Loved each personal issues the teens were dealing with, and how some stood up.

Each character was unique and all dealt well with emotional scenes. some of the best actors.

I love this movie, all the actors were brilliantly talented, and amazing. Highly recommend watching this.

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