Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten50%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled56%
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Rita Moreno as Ida Barksdale
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Julian Sands as Winslow Cunard
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Anthony Zerbe as Mr. Crumwald
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Jacki Weaver as Irene Mossbecker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ckalish-1811310 / 10

Phenomenal Directing! Inspiring Story! Amazing Cast!


This film is an exciting cinematic expose, with exhilarating dialog, captivating the audience with an unlikely relationship between a young man and an elderly lady!

The methods used to film in one second hold intimacy and next your hit with comedic perspective.

The story comes alive in so many ways, the cast is "meant-to-be" and it's a love story unlike any other.

Their age has no bounds, one moment their bashing heads with moral dilemmas and the next their best friends.

The premise of the story is that Lily, an elderly lady hires Michael, an off-Broadway dancer, for six weeks. Her initial motives are to have a personal dance partner, and he's taken the job to get back on his feet. (pun intended) The duo encounters oppositions and heartbreak, they realize that they are the same and both have gone though struggles. Together, they begin their journey of living in the moment and opening up to each other.

Many lessons will be learned through analysis, most important is not to judge or have preconceived notions about another person. Wisdom is all around, and no matter how wise you may be you must always keep learning! And live in the NOW without tripping over your past or dreading the unforeseen future!

Thank you to Arthur Seidelman, Richard Alfieri, and the entire cast and crew for making this film possible!!!!

Reviewed by itmeansflower9 / 10

Surprisingly good; realistic. ??

This is really quite good, I enjoyed it more than I expected to, and won't be surprised if I watch it again.

As a woman who has had a number of gay men friends and family, I can say that the gay teacher character is very well drawn. For a change, he's not your generalized version of a gay man but a three-dimensional character that rings of truth. Gena Rowland's character is good too, she's also flushed out pretty well, though I found her character to be more predictable. Even so, the whole story was very enjoyable, there are some funny moments, & it's nice to see a little dancing. I definitely give this a thumbs up, it's a somewhat bittersweet tale that left me smiling.

Give it a view! ??

Reviewed by mathmaniac10 / 10

Worthy of theater, the drama and the acting.

There is only one problem that I can see with this film. It's really a play, not a movie. The scenery does not change often, there are few characters, and, like theater, it requires the audience to listen and think and stay with it to the end in order to appreciate the experience.

That said, look at the actors: Cheyenne Jackson (who plays a gay man from the New York stage world better than a gay man from the New York stage world?) and Gena Rowlands (if you have seen her act, you want to see more and more of her performances.)

'Is that Rita Moreno?' I asked myself at one point. Yep. At home on the stage as well as in the movies, she adds to the general mood of this multi-act play. Theatrical - and entertaining.

Cheyenne and Gena can be proud of their work in this movie. Yes, it's a little bit too progressive-liberal-politically-hip with some messages, which can make the viewer feel manipulated at times. This has nothing to do with stereotypes. It has to do with feeling in the line of fire of those messages being volleyed at that audience.

What is touching, and ultimately so lovely about the plot, the play, and the people is that the drama turns out to bring family feelings to the front and center. I found myself not disliking the Reverend (that shadowy figure who, if anything, is treated like a stereotype). I found myself not disliking any of the characters even though there is tragedy circling the story. It felt uplifting at the end to see the sunset and know that people dance sometimes not for the sexual feelings of body contact, but for sheer love of closeness that we all need.

I'd recommend this movie for anyone who wants to see a play. Theater lives! Acting!

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