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Gina Gershon as Cristal Connors
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Kyle MacLachlan as Zack Carey
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Lisa Boyle as Sonny
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Reviewed by rivertam269 / 10


Back in 1995 Paul Verhoeven (Basic Instinct) unleashed his criminally misunderstood high trash masterpiece. I remember I was 16 when it came out and I was only allowed to see it because I worked at the theater. I was quite popular in school because I would sneak my friends in with me. I had no idea how much the film would make an impact on my life. From my humor to my writing, my dancing and the way I view films in general. Now don't get me wrong the film is indeed bad in almost every fathomable way. From its ridiculously over the top performances to the ultra cliched storyline and odd directorial touches. The film centers on Nomi played by a perfectly ferocious Elizabeth Berkley (Saved by the bell) who lands in Las Vegas in hopes of becoming a professional dancer but ends up in a seedy exotic club. But after a series of events she lands in a big, topless show at the Flamingo. And before she knows it shes thrust into a dark world of ambition where everything is for sale. What makes the film so great is the intensity in which everything is delivered. Because it takes itself so seriously it's easy to enjoy the unintentional funnies. Of which the film is filled with along with lots of nudity, sex and even a crazy fight scene. It's a soap opera on cocaine with Red bull thrown in. There will never be anything else like it and that's why it's one of my favorite movies.

Budget: $45M Box Office: $37.8M


Reviewed by Leofwine_draca8 / 10

Unfairly maligned

I found this sleazy exploration of the sex industry to be a better film than BOOGIE NIGHTS. Why? Because I think Verhoeven is the better director; he has a slick way of handling narrative that I like, and I've never seen a film of his that hasn't kept my attention. SHOWGIRLS is no exception, despite the massive (and sometimes deserved) criticism it received upon release, and unlike BOOGIE NIGHTS it doesn't have that worthy/dull/funnier than it thinks it is thing going on.

The rags-to-riches story is a familiar one but the cast is populated with interesting characters who combine to make it work. Elizabeth Berkley isn't the world's best actress, but she has a certain dynamism that suits her in the role – and also reveals a frequently frightening side. Kyle Maclachlan is pretty hilarious as a total sleaze/sex interest, and Gina Gershon is outstanding as the bitchy rival. It's always great to see Robert Davi in a film too.

Yes, the so-called sex routines are cheesy beyond the belief and never alluring. Yes, the dialogue is often laughable but I think Verhoeven's having the last laugh – he intended his film to turn out this way. Whatever problems it has, SHOWGIRLS is an entertaining film – just like the rest of Verhoeven's canon.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Berkley needs to calm the F down

Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley) hitchhikes into Las Vegas and gets her suitcase stolen. She befriends Molly Abrams (Gina Ravera) who is a seamstress backstage at the Stardust Hotel show where Cristal Connors (Gina Gershon) is the star. Nomi has a job as a stripper at the seedy Cheetah Club run by Al Torres (Robert Davi). Cristal shows up at the club and buys a lap dance with Nomi for boyfriend Zack Carey (Kyle MacLachlan). James Smith (Glenn Plummer) becomes her conscience and her teacher.

It's so bad that it's good. That's a popular opinion but it's not mine. Berkley's wild over-acting is too annoying. I keep thinking that this could be good cheese if Berkley could calm down. I think people are concentrating too much on the nudity of this Paul Verhoeven Joe Eszterhas concoction. The B-movie erotica is not the big problem. It's the horrible smell of angry relentless forced cheesiness. I do like Gina Gershon's performance but there is too many annoying things about this movie.

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