Shotgun Wedding


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Jennifer Coolidge Photo
Jennifer Coolidge as Carol Fowler
Jennifer Lopez Photo
Jennifer Lopez as Darcy Rivera
Josh Duhamel Photo
Josh Duhamel as Tom Fowler
Alex Mallari Jr. Photo
Alex Mallari Jr. as Dog-Face
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gab-675998 / 10

Goodbye Logic!

Going into this movie I didn't have the slightest idea what it was about. But, I love both Josh and J-Lo, despite her many flops in past movies. I can ONLY recall her in the movie Enough because it was SO good! All of her other movies just slip my mind and I'm certain I have seen all of her movies. That being said, this movie was far-fetched and completely for entertainment only. The comedy in it was just ok, but the action was on point. It reminded me a bit of Sandra Bullocks movie with Tatum. Now that was a movie I loved! It was so funny, much funnier than this one. So although this was not one of my favorite movies it was also not one I hated. I almost expected the cops to show up at the end when they were lying down in the boat. So, if you like action movies that are crazy and far-fetched then this is a movie for you! I wouldn't mind watching it again. I would recommend it to anyone who just wants to pass some time.

Reviewed by orcinussr6 / 10

So what really mattered to me was...

Mid way through the first act Lopez' character says "I'm a grown woman" and for that I will give this film full carte blanche and I'll tell you why - for years now it seems that the term 'grown woman' (or man or idk marsupial) requires the addition of the word 'ass' interjected inbetween - as in ' look here chum, I'm a grown ass woman and I do what I want' robble robble (sorry I think I temporarily turned Into the Hamburgler, and for certain a curmudgeon) because it's just so frustrating and annoying to continue to listen to people say things and use terms that they don't even understand why they're saying them - anyway - LISTEN, IT'S ENTERTAINING - DISREGARD THE 1 STARS.

Reviewed by mageh2 / 10

Yes, it is bad

I am glad i didn't pay for this. First, somebody tell JLo she is bad actress or no actress at all. Somehow her acting skills get worse with time rather than the opposite.

She is in her 50s, but in her mind she probably thinks she is still in her 20s, because her acting is beyond cringe. This cutsie behavior looks so ridiculous and unbelievable.

And yes, the story itself is lame, and jokes are not funny, but her presence makes it even worse.

The only saving grace is Jennifer Coolidge. She makes this movie somewhat tolerable and funny. Therefore, two stars from me.

Bottom line, don't waste your money or time.

Last thing, a personal plea to JLO: please, retire!!!!!

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