Short Sharp Shock

1998 [GERMAN]

Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Mehmet Kurtulus as Gabriel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexandermangoldt8 / 10

Well done!

I watched this flick on TV. It was a Hamburg special night and I didn't expect much but after ten or twenty minutes I was totally into the film. Usually when I watch a German gangster film it just tries to copy the American model which doesn't make much sense since crime in America is completely different from crime in Germany. This flick however had this realistic touch to it and I definitely enjoyed the authenticity of the characters and I admired all three of the main protagonists for playing their parts so well. Especially the Turkish character seemed so realistic to me that I can only think of him as a small time crook now, even when I see him in other films. I believe that this is Akin's best film so far, I watched GEGEN DIE WAND as well but I can't say that I enjoyed it more. However, it is a real pity that we don't have more German directors who can deliver such good work as Akin did. If only there were more directors who know how to create atmosphere as well as Akin. Kudos, Faith!

Reviewed by Mikew300110 / 10

Great German underground drama

"Kurz und schmerzlos" means as much as "quickly and smoothly" and is a German underground drama by young Turkish film maker Fatih Akin. Shot in the suburbs and industrial area of Hamburg, Akin's home town, it was a big hit in German repertory cinemas in 1999.

The film shows the life and fate of three young foreigners - Turk Gabriel, Greek Costa and Serb Bobby, all of them dreaming of love and money in the bleak surroundings of social welfare, crimes, industry, unemployment and cultural minorities. Of course it won't take long until the friendship of the three outsiders is about to break apart when Gabriel becomes a henchman for a local gangster boss, and a journey through violence and despair begins for all three of them...

There are no special effects, no visual games, there is just pure "adrenaline acting" - except for Ralf Herforth ("Knocking on Heaven's Door") as gangster boss Muhamer, all actors are unknown newcomers, but with a great impact and brilliant performances. There is much realistic violence in it than can be felt in every second, and you really need to watch out for some contemporary American or Japanese underground stuff to find something similar. And the sound track is very good, too.

But the movie shows also the social milieu and the problems of national minorities in a Western country like in the works of British film maker Hanif Kureishi ("My Beautiful Laundrette"). Watch out for this example for great contemporary German cinema, and although "Kurz und schmerzlos" avoids all the visual styling of "Lola rennt", it has the same impact and power like that international box office hit!

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation4 / 10

Early Akin, not yet at his best

"Kurz und schmerzlos" or "Short Sharp Shock" is a German movie from almost 20 years ago and the language in here is German for the most part too with occasional exceptions doing justice to the characters' origins. Writer and director Faith Akin was only 25 when this one came out and after some short film work, it was his very first full feature film. Taking that into account, it is a decent effort I guess, but as a whole I was not convinced. The characters were not as interesting as I hoped they would be (apart from the breathtakingly sexy Idil Üner) and the effort this movie makes on an emotional level in terms of love and friendship also never really touched me. I cannot really put a finger on what exactly caused this as the acting was decent from start to finish. Maybe it was just me.

However, generally I like crime dramas/thrillers, but this one here did not feel right to me. I also wonder how police was absent from start to finish with everything that happened in here. Akin already works with actors that would keep appearing in his films throughout his entire career. Moritz Bleibtreu, however, was not present yet. Two years later, Akin made "Im Juli." and this is when the two collaborated for the first time. But back to this one: Akin himself also has a minor role in here and it's not too uncommon that he also acts in his own works, at least back then it was. All in all the plot never had me at the edge of my seat, maybe also because I somewhat disliked Kurtulus' character and that surely wasn't intended. The negative outweighs the positive and that is why I do not recommend "Kurz und schmerzlos". Thumbs down.

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