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Reviewed by song_of_rainbow1 / 10

Like most Blair Witch wannabes, this mess misses by a lot.

There is the creep, who thinks he is the ultimate cool guy (shaved head?); the smart nice guy, that makes you wonder "how did end up in this group? and the one in the middle. You wait and wait and wait, 1/2 way through the movie you finally get to hear something strange, asides from the stupid, juvenile banter. As in: I gotta pee; did you do her; you always drop ice on the floor (not kidding),etc. By the time the action started, all I could think was "hope bald, 10 year old, ends up DEAD". Blair Witch Project was filmed by a group of unexperience people, WITH BRAINS, and became a cult classic. I was there for the first screening. This one is a lousy brainless mess. The actor playing the nice guy deserved better. Trying to remake cult classics is a huge mistake in most cases, because most fail. I can count on the fingers of one hand, the lost footage movies that got it right. And, I have been watching horror movies since Romero's 1968 "There coming to get you, Barbara.

Reviewed by gustheaffen1 / 10

Omg is this bad

Should be called run away when your best friend is attacked. Literally nothing happens in the movie for about an hour. Just a lot of stupid jokes with bad actors. You get to see them drive, sleep, eat sandwiches, talk smack, and demonstrate they know nothing about real survival. Millennials fantasizing about being adventure survivors. Then they remember this is a horror movie and some lame shrieking starts and a mystery claw hand hits one guy and they all scream and run away. Then they talk about being lost and cry. Then the girl disappears to same claw creature. Really demonstrating survival skills now when the two brothers run off to barricade themselves in an insecure cabin and cry. Of course they still manage to have a camera and make their video. Please just take them all and let this nonsensical borefest be over. The creature is hysterically a deer women with claw hands. Honestly this looked like a high school film project. So bad.

Reviewed by thrax-233162 / 10


Ignore all of the fake reviews -- it's incredibly rare for any found footage film to truly excel in the horror genre, and anyone claiming that this film is something special or great is either lying or has literally never seen a horror film before. This one is another dull-as-dishwater by-the-books affair, featuring the typical cast of bros wandering around in the woods making lame comments and generally acting like the kind of people you'd avoid like the plague IRL, until thankfully they all get killed off. Like most FF films, this one is about 95% boring filler and about 5% black-and-white shaky cam footage of Something Menacing. Following the formula, the first 65 minutes of the film are pointless nonsense, followed by 10 minutes of bad effects and shots that would only scare small children, and a barely 10 second wrap-up.

If you like having something inconsequential play on TV in the background while you mostly ignore it and do other things, this might be the film for you.

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