She Made Them Do It


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel8 / 10

Intriguing - did she make them do it?

This is a fascinating true life movie about Sarah Pender a convicted murderer who escaped from prison and was recaptured. Her boyfriend killed his roommates but she claims she had nothing to do with it. She was however found guilty as being behind the killing. She managed to escape from prison with the help of friends in and out of prison and was recaptured after a tip off from a viewer of America's Most Wanted.

It's interesting because you don't know for sure if she is a murderer or not. Was she a victim of just having the wrong boyfriend and friends or was she a manipulative murderer? It seems crazy to have killed the room mates in such a way. If she was innocent it's a terrible injustice. But whatever it is she is obviously an intelligent person who had quite an ability to make loyal friends and influence people as she managed to get help escaping from prison.

Jenna Dewan Tatum shows she is quite a good actress playing the enigmatic character quite well.

Worth a watch. One of life's mysteries.

Reviewed by wes-connors4 / 10

Miss America's Most Wanted

Beautiful Purdue University student Jenna Dewan-Tatum (as Sarah Jo Pender) is outraged when boyfriend Greyston Holt (as Rick) invests her tuition money in a drug deal. The most sober member of a frothy foursome, Ms. Dewan-Tatum orders Mr. Holt to get rid of their roommates – then, she goes for a walk. When Dewan-Tatum returns, the other couple has been shot. Dewan-Tatum is found guilty of double murder and sentenced to 110 years in prison. This is how "She Made Them Do It" begins, but how it ends is unclear. During the running time, we are made to think the opening events did not happen as screened. Although we are informed this is "based on a true story," the truth appears to have escaped...

Dewan-Tatum's character is described as a "female Charles Manson." Yet, she either does or doesn't commit the crime according to the moment you happen to be watching. Sexy and attractive for writer Gary Tieche and director Grant Harvey, Dewan-Tatum wastes no time in dropping her panties for the camera. She also hints at including both genders in bed, engaging the viewer. It's nice to see clean and sober Mackenzie Phillips (as Jamie Long) among her prison girlfriends. Given the use of "America's Most Wanted" and the fact that she was convicted, the way filmmakers seem to glamorize the character may be considered unfortunate – but that TV program and this film are selling crime as entertainment, after all.

**** She Made Them Do It (2/28/13) Grant Harvey ~ Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Steve Bacic, Andrew Airlie, Mackenzie Phillips

Reviewed by vincent-u168 / 10

Not bad. Enjoyable.

This movie is worth watching. It's no 'Prison Break' or 'Orange is the new black', but it's enjoyable. Sarah gets sentenced life in prison for a crime she says she didn't commit. It's an ongoing movie. I never found it boring. And if you're not excited about the story, you can just enjoy the beautiful Jenna Dewan Tatum! I actually find it weird that there is no bigger audience for this film... Must say I started watching with absolutely no expectations what so ever. So, maybe that's also a reason why I enjoyed it... I mean, only 600 votes? It's like no one has ever heard of this movie. Then I read the other reviews and they weren't great either. But the girlfriend insisted. And I don't regret it. I'm sure you'll have a nice time watching. It's not as low budget or awful as people are saying. It deserves more credit for sure. Enjoy!

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