Sgt. Bilko


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Steve Martin Photo
Steve Martin as Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko
Pamela Adlon Photo
Pamela Adlon as Sgt. Raquel Barbella
Glenne Headly Photo
Glenne Headly as Rita Robbins
Dan Aykroyd Photo
Dan Aykroyd as Col. John T. Hall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing6 / 10

The eternal Bilko

Nat Hiken's Sergeant Ernie Bilko is one of those characters who no matter what age, what time, and what army he'll find a way to game the system. I'm sure there's a Bilko somewhere in North Korea's army, he just has to act with quite a bit more discretion.

From the 50s of Eisenhower to the 90s of Clinton, Bilko and his denizens of the motor pool at Fort Baxter are still operating their schemes. Steve Martin steps right into Phil Silvers's shoes if not his glasses.

The party could be over though because Fort Baxter might just be closed because they haven't come through with the development of a new type of tank. In addition Phil Hartman who is a major with some history with Martin is making it a personal crusade to get Martin bounced from the army.

Most of the characters from the TV show are still here if in a different guise on occasion to reflect the diversity of the army in the 90s. I particularly liked Eric Edwards as Private Doberman. Then as now I can't believe that a Doberman could get in the army in the first place.

And in fact it is mentioned that Bilko and girlfriend Gleanne Headly have the longest running engagement since Nathan Detroit and Adelaide. Headly becomes a front on Hartman's war against Bilko.

Dan Aykroyd is Colonel Hall taking Paul Ford's place. Aykroyd doesn't have Ford's eternal Irascibility. He's more resigned to go with the flow with Bilko. But he also doesn't want to see his command shut down.

Newer fans should see this movie as well as the old TV series. They'll like both.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

fair broad comedy

Sgt. Bilko (Steve Martin) commands the motor pool at Fort Baxter. He's got gambling, games, and renting out vehicles to earn money. Colonel John Hall (Dan Aykroyd) is willing to overlook his outrageous antics or more likely is too incompetent to find the violations. Private Wally Holbrook is a real mechanic who is new to the base. Bilko keeps forgetting to attend his own wedding to Rita Robbins (Glenne Headly). The Pentagon sends Major Colin Thorn (Phil Hartman) to observe the new hover tank. Thorn had an ugly history with Bilko when his actions banished Thorn to Greenland. The hover tank works poorly. When Thorn finds out that Bilko is on the base, he schemes to take revenge.

The movie starts with a lot of fun. Martin's irreverence is terrific. I wish the other characters get more stuff to do. It has a funny guy like Chris Rock and he's nothing more than a stiff shirt. Daryl Mitchell is not funny enough. There seems to be some good comedic actors but this is not a group comedy. This is mostly Martin. Hartman is good. The comedy fades a bit in the second half. The movie has a few good laughs.

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg7 / 10

Speaking as one of the people who knows the movie better than the show...

...I say that I like the movie. I think that Steve Martin was the perfect person to play the role, and that it was good for him and Dan Aykroyd to co-star after all these years. If it was lower humor than we usually associate with the two, then the crazy scenes justify that. I remember that I saw this a week or two after I saw "Mr. Holland's Opus", and was surprised to see Glenne Headly doing such a different role. Phil Hartman, meanwhile, makes one nasty dude (it reminds you what we lost when he got killed).

Anyway, this is a silly movie, but quite funny. I suspect that up in that great army base in the sky, Phil Silvers must feel honored that they made this movie.

Also featuring Chris Rock and Silvers's daughter Cathy in supporting roles.

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