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Reviewed by mr-4796210 / 10

Love it

I love old comedy's like this. I wasn't around when this came ou of course but I always have found older movies to be good. If you like rom coms or sex comedy's then this is definitely for you. I could do without the mother being so attached to him. My mom and me were pretty close before she passed in 2020 but the mom in this movie is ridiculous. Plus, there is nothing wrong with having sex with people so anyone who thinks this movie is bad for that has no idea what they are talking about. I guess what I'm saying is if you don't like talking about sex or seeing sex in a movie then don't watch this movie and keep your comments to yourself cause I like this movie and I don't appreciate bad comments about a good movie. After all, movies are magic and that magic is eternal l.

Reviewed by zep-35 / 10

Not very Appealing

Decent idea not carried out well. Loser dork buys a sex appeal "how to" book and decides to do everything it says. He starts by renting his own apartment from a weirdo landlord who wants to write the all American novel.The landlord spies on his new tenant to get ideas for his book and mistakenly believes this loser is a Casanova with women and ends up writing a hit book. Meanwhile our loser dork is actually trying and failing at everything in the book that is supposed to make him score,while lusting for his new blonde neighbor. What little humor there is falls flat,the print is dark and the sets are plain and drab while the acting is average for this type of film. There is some nudity but most of the girls are not very attractive. This is one of the many 80's teen sex comedy's that can be avoided even for fans of the genre.

Reviewed by sunking10 / 10

Very funny - Highly recommended

I couldn't stop laughing throughout this whole movie.

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