September 30, 1955


Action / Drama

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Dennis Quaid as Frank
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Richard Thomas as Jimmy J.
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Tom Hulce as Hanley
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Collin Wilcox Paxton as Jimmy J.'s Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Intermissionman_7 / 10

Obsessed Fans

I revisited this period piece last night, about a bunch of rebellious Arkansas Students on the night the Actor James Dean died in a Car Crash. Led by a strong performance from Richard Thomas (THE WALTONS) and a Cast filled with up and coming Actors most of which are still working today. Many of you out there are in your 50s 60s or 70s and I think might like to watch this Movie too ? Also encourage you to visit James Dean s IMDB page, which is loaded with information about his Life and Times. I drive by the sight of his car accident often, just outside of Paso Robles CA. Movie is available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime. Emotional Film ! Directed by James Bridges.

Reviewed by HawksRevenge1 / 10

A cure for insomnia, many, many good stars wasted here!!

After about 10 minutes you get tired of hearing about James Dean, and I like that line Richard Thomas said to his mother "I'm really upset right now momma someone I know died last night" His Mother: You don't mean that movie star Jimmy whats his name?" This is just another film trying to be like American Graffiti or Rebel Without a Cause, where the film examines rebellious youth characters and their UN-interested parents. In the film Richard Thomas also states that he and James Dean were a lot alike and some of the lines make you want to laugh.

I enjoyed James Deans three films and other performances, but I make it a point to not get personally involved when actors die.

From 1961 through 2006 I can't say that I personally was overcome by the death of non family members and certainly not actors or actresses, especially since a majority of them suffer through the excesses of drug and alcohol abuse This film is mostly a curiosity for all the up and coming stars (*1/2 Out Of ****)

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden7 / 10

A great showcase for Richard Thomas.

Richard Thomas of 'Waltons' fame stars here as Jimmy J., an Arkansas undergrad in the 1950s who idolizes rising film star James Dean. He feels a kinship with the young actor, thinking that their lives have mirrored each others'. When he learns of Deans' death, he goes a little crazy, dragging his friends into assorted escapades that ultimately have a sad result.

Written and directed by James Bridges ("The China Syndrome"),this little period piece seems to be somewhat forgotten nowadays. It's not always terribly compelling or interesting, but it's still worthy of some respect, considering the way that it examines the fascination that some people feel for movie stars. Dean in particular had an iconic presence that resonated with a generation; it's not hard to believe that his passing was deeply felt by people like Jimmy J.

A mixture of comedy and drama, "September 30, 1955" is sometimes amusing and sometimes poignant, leaving us with one memorable showcase speech for Thomas, and the idea that life is not really "like a movie" as some folks might think.

The period recreation is pretty good, and the film benefits from a touching score by Leonard Rosenman, who had scored the Dean vehicles "East of Eden" and "Rebel Without a Cause" once upon a time. But the main reason to watch is the talented, engaging young cast, some of them making their feature-film debuts. Thomas is wonderful, and his supporting actors make for an endearing ensemble: Deborah Benson (leading lady in the superior slasher "Just Before Dawn") as Jimmy J.'s girlfriend, Lisa Blount ("Prince of Darkness") as the fellow free spirit and Dean devotee, Thomas Hulce ("Amadeus") as the roommate, Dennis Christopher ("Breaking Away") as the sidekick, and Dennis Quaid as the jock. Collin Wilcox Paxton ("To Kill a Mockingbird") plays Jimmy J.'s mother, and Susan Tyrrell ("Forbidden Zone") plays Billie Jean's mom.

A semi-autobiographical tale for Bridges, who grew up in Paris, Arkansas himself.

Seven out of 10.

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