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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cyaramichaels2 / 10

Terrible bad acting

So, yeah, terrible bad acting. I just couldn't watch the entire film. If it's some mirror of the recent generation irresponsible life or a nightmare what's can be behind the scenes of a scientific society... shouldn't be choose some of the actors in this movie and Yeah! The writer... just.. do some other job, please.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen3 / 10

Sensationless Sensation...

I have to say that I found the movie's cover/poster to be interesting and it lured me into watching it. Well, that and also because this was a movie that I hadn't already seen. Sure, I hadn't even heard about director Martin Grof's 2021 movie "Sensation" prior to watching it.

Writers Magdalena Drahovska and Martin Grof didn't really deliver a wholesome storyline here for the material written for the 2021 sci-fi mystery thriller "Sensation".

The storyline was just rubbish. It was a sluggish attempt at trying to thwart the expectations of the audience by throwing curve balls. It would have worked, I suppose, if the storyline actually had anything worthwhile or interesting to offer. Which it didn't, so "Sensation" was a painful movie to sit through. Now, I am not one overly fond of sci-fi to begin with, and "Sensation" certainly haven't helped to win me over.

I wasn't familiar with the cast in this movie, but I will say that the actors and actresses put on fair enough performances, despite of having next to nothing to work with in terms of proper script and storyline, interesting characters or riveting dialogue. So thumbs up to the actors and actresses for making the best of next to nothing.

I suppose that if you are a die hard sci-fi fan you will find some amusement in "Sensation". But for a casual viewer, then "Sensation" was just a swing and a miss.

I managed to suffer through half of the movie before I gave up on the ordeal out of sheer and utter boredom. There just wasn't anything worthwhile or interesting for me in this movie. And this is not a movie that I will spend any more time or effort on.

My rating of "Sensation" lands on a three out of ten stars, based on the performances of the actors and actresses, and also because of the production value.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies3 / 10

Could be better

Andrew (Eugene Simon, Game of Thrones) is looking for the truth about his family history, giving a secret government agency his DNA in order to discover his ancestry. He soon discovers that his grandparents participated in a super solider-like program and that he's inherited powers locked within his DNA.

Then he finds out that he's not alone.

Now part of a group of other super powered individuals, Andrew is placed in a series of increasingly stranger situations designed to push his emotions and powers while also using him to control the emotions of others.

This movie feels like it wants to be a darker take on The X-Men, but doesn't hit the target that it's aiming for. Instead of using the comics and movie - as well as several other films like The Matrix - as inspiration and going its own path, this feels rudderless.

It's a shame because it looks gorgeous and well beyond its budget.

Martin Grof has only made one other movie, 2019's Excursion, a thriller about "a 1980's devoted Czechoslovakian communist party member visiting his future self in London to make sure Socialism still prospers." That sounds like something I should check out after this. Actually, I'd keep an eye of Grof, because there's something there. Hopefully, his third effort finds it.

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