Seisaku's Wife


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Reviewed by freakus8 / 10

Driven to extremes by love and war.

This is a desperate story of how love can drive people to extremes to hold on to the ones they love and keep them safe. It's also a condemnation of Japanese militarism and small town bigotry. The violence when it comes is quite shocking but wholly appropriate to the story. It's one of the most real love stories you'll ever see on film.

Reviewed by boblipton6 / 10

Love On Her Terms

Ayako Wakao was sold to a rich kimono merchant, who lavished everything on her. Now he's dead. She has returned to her village, where everyone despises her because of her past, except for Takahiro Tamura. They fall into lust and common-law marriage because his mother doesn't approve. He's the role-model soldier for village, and the Russo-Japanese War is about to begin. When he gets sent off to the assault on Port Arthur, the village goes back to treating her like dirt, until word comes that Tamura was injured, is in hospital, and will be given a week's leave She doesn't want him to go.

It's a movie that combines two two Japanese elements that look absolutely bonkers to a foreigner. First, of course, is the way everyone salutes the Emperor and is thrilled that Tamura has a chance to die; one of the characters says that a real hero is one who dies. The other is the sort of obsessive love that makes someone mutilate the object of their desire.

Well, it baffles me, if not all foreigners. Some people are weird.

It's stunningly performed and directed by Yasuzô Masumura, a leading light of the Japanese New Wave. As someone who decried Old Japan and New Japan, I think this expresses his disapproval of both.

Reviewed by SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain10 / 10

Seisaku no tsuma (1965)

An astonishing film in terms of it's relentless power to both shock and move. It has a quick and melodic pace, something rather uncommon for films of the time. It gets moving straight away and sets us in a world of misplaced honor and preconceptions. Wakao is simply stunning in both her looks and talent. She plays a beaten down woman with a lot of spite, but equal amounts of heart. After the death of her sugar daddy, she returns to her home village where she is seen as tainted goods. It isn't long before a role model soldier returns to the village and, against the wishes of the townsfolk, sets his sites on the outcast. The two both seem to be rebelling against society, but also do have genuine affection for each other. It isn't something that is easy to pull off. By the time the violent third comes around it is a disturbing act of love that perfectly sums up the complex themes running around. This film is unforgettable and I would even recommend it to those that find early Asian cinema a bit slow. Hopefully, this could open some doors.

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