Seeding of a Ghost

1983 [CN]

Action / Crime / Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies6 / 10


A black magic sorcerer is just trying to dig up some bones for his latest spell when he's chased by a group of angry citizens, right into the cab of our hero, Chau. He lives through getting hit by the car, but tells the cab driver that he's about. To go through some bad luck.

And just like that, Chau's wife starts sleeping with a gambler who really doesn't care about her, even leaving her in a bad part of town where she's assaulted and killed, falling out a window to her death, her spirit calling to Chau via his CB radio.

That's when Chau decides that it's time to find that black magic dude and get some horrible, horrible revenge.

The spell that ensues is so powerful, it blows the lid off Chau's wife Irene's coffin. There's also corpse sex and a monster baby sent to destroy the two villains who dared to ruin Chau's life. And he also learns that the more magic he uses, the more his body pays the price.

Look, a ghost has sex with a reanimated corpse over a black magic altar, a tentacled demon baby runs around and a toilet blows up real good. It's not the best movie you've ever seen, but it may be the goopiest, the kind of film that tells The Thing, "Oh yeah? Hold my San Miguel."

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca8 / 10

More visceral horror from Shaw

SEEDING OF A GHOST is another incredibly visceral slice of Hong Kong horror that comes to us courtesy of the Shaw Brothers studio. It's a film that might as well be called BLACK MAGIC 3 as it feels very much like the previous films in that series as opposed to something like HEX or THE BOXER'S OMEN, more contemporary fare. The film's protagonist is the excellent and under-appreciated Phillip Ko, who plays a taxi driver whose life falls apart when he accidentally interrupts a black magic spell by knocking over the wizard busy casting it.

The film then slows down a gear to depict Ko's wife, busy having an affair with co-star Norman Chu. This goes on for a while and there's plenty of sex and nudity for those who enjoy that stuff. Eventually, Ko's wife is accidentally killed after being raped by a couple of street thugs, and he brings her back from the dead for revenge. You know the score here: there's a whole bunch of icky ritual scenes with a dead body, some outlandish and pioneering special effects work, and lots of weird deaths and decaying scenes.

This film's major sources of inspiration seem to be THE THING, DEATH WISH 2, ALIEN, and THE EVIL DEAD. The FX are wacky and gross in the extreme and also very good. Ko and Chu are seasoned professionals and help to ground the movie; they play off nicely against each other too. There's a little action here and there although the main emphasis is on displaying the female form in its unclothed glory. The usual worm-spewing gross-out scenes are present. Things build to a mini monster movie climax which really does have to be seen to be believed; it's something else, that's for sure.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison7 / 10

Hong Kong horror craziness for fans of the bizarre.

A taxi driver is warned that he will experience bad luck, after his path crosses with that of a strange practitioner of black magic. Sure enough, his beautiful young wife soon embarks on an affair with a suave gambler. Shortly after, he is accused of murder when his spouse is raped and killed by two thugs. And if that wasn't enough, the poor bloke is crippled after trying to beat up his dead wife's lover.

Suitably upset, he decides to enlist the help of the strange sorcerer who first foretold his run of ill fortune, and, by using the dark powers of witchcraft, attempts to exact revenge on the man who stole his woman, and the two responsible for her death.

As 80s Hong Kong horror goes, this movie from the Shaw Brothers studio is a fairly typical example: the story is bizarre, there are plenty of moments that defy logic and it is loaded with shonky creatures and OTT gore. Throw in some gritty fight scenes, a brutal rape, and quite a bit of female nudity (including full frontal) from cute Asian women, and the result is an enjoyable slice of Eastern sleaze that never bores, and even sometimes surprises.

This is perhaps the only film where one might witness a man being sodomised with a giant match-stick, a spirit impregnate a putrefying corpse in mid-air, and a finalé in which a multi-tentacled foetus creature erupts bloodily from its 'mother' and attacks guests at a party.

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