See How They Run


Comedy / Mystery

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Harris Dickinson Photo
Harris Dickinson as Richard Attenborough
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Shirley Henderson as Agatha Christie
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Saoirse Ronan as Constable Stalker
Sam Rockwell Photo
Sam Rockwell as Inspector Stoppard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coombsstephen8 / 10

A really novel and fun romp

I found this a really novel and almost throwback film with loads of great laughs and twists but never takes itself too seriously.

There is a really good cast with great characters, all bringing different things to the film. Having real life characters add something to the film as well.

I laughed a lot during the film with some of the characters and some of the jokes being very well done.

Its a reminder that there can be a great film made without the need for huge amounts of cgi, huge budgets and massive casts. This is just well written, well portrayed and with brilliant camera work, and just works really well.

Reviewed by chris_rowe-881-16882010 / 10

I love this movie.

I absolutely loved this movie, I go to the cinema way too much and I'd not heard as much laughter for quite a while, yeah some of the humour is silly and maybe a bit predictable if you can see the set ups but I'd say this was some of the best comedic timing since naked gun and big LN (RIP)

Whilst the story was genuinely good and after watching a recent Alan Carr documentary a lot of the details I was familiar with, like the movie clause etc, it was just a very easy going light hearted fun film.

I saw one review on here saying it used split screen too much, I went in expecting it to be every minute, it's a few times for mere seconds and completely fits in with the film.

Two awesome films set in old town London over the last year after the exceptional Last night in Soho. The setting, cars, just everything was good.

The acting was all good, chemistry was really good and fans of This is England get to see a reunion which was fun.

However I feel the difference between a 7/8 or a 10 is all down to one person Saoirse Ronan (sorry if it's misspelled) she was so good, her face, she played daft so well, you didn't think of her as stupid, more naive and innocent, she had some lines in this film which genuinely broke some people in the audience. So unbelievably likeable and endearing it was a great performance. Thinking back it actually felt like she was given 90% of the comedy whilst others had small moments she was the one who delivered. It wasn't overbearing, it didn't take away from scenes. It was tonally perfect and just innocent spoof kinda humour. There was a surname joke that took me back to airplane! And an arrest straight from naked gun! I just loved it.

If you're feeling a bit down or just fancy a lighthearted film which is an easy watch this is it.

Awesome! Whilst I give it a 10 I don't mean every aspect is perfect! But that feeling when you leave and are still smiling! That's what this gives.

Reviewed by masonsaul7 / 10

Really fun whodunit

It may not be the smartest or funniest whodunit out there but See How They Run is still a really fun murder mystery that succeeds at creating an engaging mystery and solid gag rate bolstered by some surprisingly dark and mature themes.

Sam Rockwell gives a great lead performance as the calm amongst a very chaotic storm of over the top performances with an impressively strong accent that never slips. Saorsie Ronan is the standout though with fantastic comedic timing and an always lovable presence.

Tom George's direction is really good, thankfully not too focused on homaging Wes Anderson and instead delivering a stylish film with some snappy editing and nice split screen. The music by Daniel Pemberton is good, matching the films quirky nature.

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