Sector 7

2011 [KOREAN]

Action / Sci-Fi

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Ji-won Ha as Cha Hae-joon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo5 / 10

"Lets face it. Sector 7 is a botch."

Underwater monster features making a comeback… here's hoping. The well-produced Korean horror feature "Sector 7" won't win any awards as it's a formula that's well worn in its surprises, but its generic format will always entertain if done properly. On this occasion, it does that for most part. A small crew on an isolated oil rig in the region of sea, known as "Sector 7" fail to find oil, but instead discover a viral life form that infiltrated the rig through the drilling pipe transforming into a killing machine. However there's more to this creature with secrets being revealed. After a slow build-up setting up characters, dramas and the awaiting predicament it succumbs to its undemanding popcorn monster mayhem. You could say it gets better as it goes along. The tempo picks up, the violence is aggressively pitched, survival mode kicks in and special effects get extravagant treatment. On the latter, the quality of the CGI was a complete mixed bag. Sometimes acceptable, other times poorly conceived that it can take you out of the mood with its parading. However it was made for 3D. Watch as one climatic standoff is finished off with another and then another. This beast isn't easy to dispose off and it seems to come off in the thrill stakes with many spectacular encounters. The oil rig setting is an imaginative choice, blending special effects (screeching trail bikes) and set-designs to develop a confined, dank and remote atmosphere. Technically quite strong and a clean crisp look with a workable premise, but the script is dumb down and consists of some actions of annoyance. The performances won't set the world alight despite some eccentric and quirky support; however Ji-won Ha's harden-tomboy character really does hold it all together. Not perfect, still a fun and flashy monster throwback.

"There's a monster on the rig!"

Reviewed by rivertam266 / 10

It has it's moments

I was hoping for more of a Deep Star six, Deep Rising Leviathan or possibly a Deep Blue Sea horror flick on the sea but Sector 7 isn't all bad. The Korean sci/fi action horror hybrid film centers on a group of drillers who battle sea monsters aboard their rig. Their are some cool spfx and some bad CGI and green screen work. The movie looks like it was probably fun in 3D and there are some nice shots in it. The cinematography freshens up the generic storyline and although insipid it makes for some goofy fun. It reminded me of a section in the Resident Evil 4 game, those who have played it will know what I'm referring too and that's how the movie plays out. it feels like a big video game but overstays it's welcome slightly by taking to long to get started and stretching out the climax with unnecessary slow mo. All in all it's not a bad watch and worth it if your in for this type of movie.

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Nifty creature feature

The scruffy crew of an oil rig are pitted against a ferocious predatory monster from the ocean floor.

Granted, the story is really thin and derivative, but fortunately director Ji-hoon Kim keeps the familiar, yet still enjoyable story moving along at a brisk pace, takes time to flesh out the characters a bit, generates a good deal of claustrophobic tension, and stages the monster attack sequences with considerable go-for-the-throat aplomb. Moreover, Kim and writer JK Youn bring an engagingly dopey B-grade sensibility to the pulpy material, with a few gut-busting dumb touches like a flamethrower and motorbike racing on an oil rig. Ji-won Ha makes a strong impression as scrappy tomboy heroine Cha Hae-joon. In addition, there are sound contributions from Sung-Ki Ahn as grizzled veteran Lee Jeong-man, Hi-Ho Oh as the Cha's likeable boyfriend Kim Dong-soo, and Jeong-hak Park as the hardnosed Captain Hwang In-hyeok. The CGI beast looks pretty gnarly. A fun flick.

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