Secret Space UFOs: Rise of the TR3B



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dogg-990791 / 10

Lies and nonsense

Full of misrepresentations, deceptions, and other BS in general.

One example is when they show the google patents page of an abandoned 'triangular spacecraft' patent, and blatantly lie to the audience that the US Navy applied for it when the applicant is displayed on the screen and it is an individual. The US is crossed out and the word abandoned is on screen. I had a quick look and one of this individual's other abandoned patents is titled 'Cavitating oil hyperspace energy generator'. I'm surprised that they didn't try to also pass this one off as a 'navy' patent.

If you enjoy being taken for an idiot, watch this.

Reviewed by konstantinavalentina1 / 10

Same desperate nonsense, different viddy.

You can get all the CGI woo woo, and potato cam videos of satellites after dusk reflecting sunlight off their solar panels and disappearing as they fall into Earth's shadow, plus blurry camera bokeh filmed with triangle aperture so oooo spooky triangle lights ... on youtubes for free.

All these people want you to buy their books, videos, or other swag at UFO conventions, and the willingness of easily duped masses to part with cash for stories about flying saucers is well documented.

Reviewed by hbuch2 / 10

This was really boring

I've seen two black triangles. With 3 other people. Both were seen at the same time. Flew over us very low. Then stayed hovering in the distance for several mins so we had time to really see the details. I thought this was going to have some kind of info that would be interesting. Maybe even explain it with some actual science. What I saw is not what they show over and over. Maybe I saw an older model in 1997? I don't know. I still wonder what I saw and still look for info. This show didn't have any info that was worth paying to even rent it. I can see these videos/clips for free on YouTube. Disappointed should have known. Wasted 5 bucks and a hour of my time. I mean this Tyler dude couldn't even be bothered to film himself on a set or outside even. He's in his bedroom. Really dude. Was it during covid lockdown?! Wanted more out of this.

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