Seance: The Summoning


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by One_slice_of_pizza3 / 10

Do Not Watch! I am Dead Serious...

You know what happens when awful script meets with bad acting, right? Instead of having a fun Friday, you get mad and start thinking about how to get your 2 hours back.

This is exactly what will happen if you watch this movie. Don't get me wrong, I love cheesy horror flicks but this one is just plain awful. Dialogs are cheesy, the whole plot doesn't make any sense and it is full of logical mistakes. I'm not blaming the actors for their bad performances because when the script you are working with is so bad, the things you can do are limited.

The characters are so hollow and two dimensional that we don't care a bit when they die. Actually, we don't even care if they survive, we just want this movie to be over as soon as possible.

All in all, I strongly recommend to skip this flick and find something else to do instead. Believe me, it will be a very smart decision on your behalf.

Warning: Do Not Read This Part, If You Haven't Seen It Yet!

Why did the handy cam disappear?? If it wasn't important, then why did almighty director Alex Wright use it at the first place?

A demon is not a spirit, it's an entity. How come you don't know the difference as a writer working on a supernatural theme?

First, Joey was with Eva, and then we find out that he has an unborn baby from Sara? If he was with Eva before, then when the hell were Sara and Joey together? It's not like they are 50 years old.

Marcus was a very unnecessary character and it may shock you Alex Wright, but nothing changes in the script when you exclude this character.

I can go on forever but I will be straight to the point. Alex, you really need a career change so that you can stop wasting our time and money by shooting movies that should never exist.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca3 / 10

It is what it is

And what it is is not very good. SEANCE: THE SUMMONING is an entirely cheap seance/possession flick in which a quartet of rather unlikeable characters break into an old morgue to hold a seance for some stupid reason or other. Before long one of their number becomes possessed by the spirit of an ancient demon and death, murder, and madness ensue.

This is a cheap little B-movie with very little to recommend it to the horror fan apart from some cheap gore effects here and there and lots of desperate attempts to be scary. Despite the intensity of pitch, none of this is remotely frightening and indeed it all seems rather familiar and lacklustre, with the usual script lines that sound like they're ripped off from THE EXORCIST and the like. The acting is bog standard, frequently verging into ham territory, and the running time drags out despite the relative shortness of the production. Next, please...

Reviewed by GL847 / 10

Decent enough but still with some problems

Breaking into a morgue to film a student horror film, a group of friends accidentally summon a real demon who possesses one of the group and forces the others to try to drive it out in order to get away alive.

This here is overall quite problematic even with a few rather decent elements going for it. The one biggest issue plaguing this film is the fact that there's absolutely no reason for this one to descend into a bland rip-off in the final half-hour which does absolutely nothing here for the film beyond keep it it running beyond it's usefulness by dragging out cliché after cliché in order to fill this scene. Not only is this a storyline flaw due to the heavily and incredibly bland changes it makes here which are quite lame in forcing the story into that to begin with, but it also manages to keep itself going by utilizing those different clichés in order to save itself during those segments which are nowhere near that interesting. Forcing this into a marginal exorcism story is incredibly lame and stupid which really does ruin the final act here with this one resorting to those clichés without deviation or exception, as this comes complete with biblical-passage-quoting, holy water chucking, psychological torments and the utterly irritating feature of returning several times to try to finish the job when it starts getting too rough and causing them to bail on the whole experience. While those are somewhat problematic, the fact that this one does manage to include some fine features in a rather fun and exciting first half that really has a lot going for it. This is mostly the exploration of the morgue and its contents, which provide this with a perfectly chilling and dark setting upon which to really hang the different chilling moments throughout here which is quite fun and gets this going nicely. The séance sequence itself is well-done and delivers some solid jolts, some nifty and unexpected gore and sets up the entire impetus for the exorcism, giving it a lot of solid points to work off of. As well, while these scenes may be cliché and quite unappealing the actions present in the final half, from the tormenting and torturing to the stalking through the halls in here provide some pretty enjoyable and thrilling moments to help balance out the repetition of what's going on. Otherwise, this one is just overall decent.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Brief Nudity and drug use.

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