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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by healersmallbush7 / 10

Better than the average martial arts movie defecating out of Hollywood nowadays.

I remember seeing the trailer on a DVD about a year ago, and I had forgotten all about it until I was browsing through our TV movie rentals. The trailer showed very little so I looked up the film on IMDb and found an average review of 5.1. Nonetheless, I watched it anyway and I must say I was not disappointed.

Perhaps my expectations were low given the reviews, but I also think that with the type of 'Martial Art' films coming out nowadays, it seems a fight scene that has been adulterated with showoff moves is coming hard to find. Scorpion does not do this. It shows not just the sport, but the powers behind it, as brutal and unforgiving, in and outside the ring.

The film opens up a well for the main protagonist to deal with his personal flaws, which we see head on in an early scene. It really allows us to see a flawed fighter, lacking discipline due to inexplicable rage, despite his love, dedication and respect for the sport.

Fight scenes are not as extravagant as something cooked up in a current Jet Li film. They are raw and closer to something seen on UFC. If anything, I respected the film for this. The scenes made more sense, and they weren't about declaring a winner, or making our protagonist look like a superhero. What was there was pure and a lot more believable that what is seen in movies today.

By the end of the film, the was a real sense of accomplishment for the major characters. Loyalties shifted to where they were of genuine importance, and there was a learnt understanding for the key characters of why those of us need strength through violence to survive through difficult circumstances, whereas others find that violence itself is no substitute for things in life that are more important.

I would urge those who prefer classic fighting movies to watch this, but that wanting another over the top, severely choreographed Jackie Chan show-off ride, should look the other way.

Reviewed by Lleveridge777 / 10

Fair Effort i think!?

Go easy people its real hard being a pioneer(joke).....but this film is an attempt to at least try to use 'real' fighting in a fictional story.It is notoriously hard to make most effective techniques used in MMA to look good on the big screen,so i think its a darn nice try!Obviously you must be open minded when were brought up on a steady diet of such spectacular footage that we all are nowadays-there is no comparison.However i do advise giving this one a try as i sort of enjoyed it(in the dark with loud surround sound guys).....maybe i am a little biased seeing as though my favourite K1 fighter is in it(Jerome Le Banner) but hey what u gonna do?

Reviewed by costofredemption6 / 10

Not so bad

I didn't like the last review of this movie as it was a little harsh.

I feel the movie wasn't all about martial arts and feel there was far too much hype with this film i have heard many comments like "bring mma to mainstream" which i feel this film didn't accomplish.

The acting by Clovis Cornillac was quality and i feel he played angelo well,he also had a very natural look fighting especially when doing ground work (grappling) and it seemed like he has been doing mma for years.

I read somewhere that he wanted to be a boxer when he was a child?well maybe you should have taken it up as you look like you picked up the technique quickly when training for the movie.

Overall i feel the film is a good watch i gave it 6/10 as it could have been a lot better than it was maybe a bit more fighting,more of him training for the fighting and him showing a great love for martial arts.

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