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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One5 / 10

A ministrel show for the 2010's

This movie is about as racist as a ministrel blackface show and about as sexist as a... random rap video, I guess...

And 20 solid minutes of it are rappers lipsynching to their not very good 'let me on touch that booty booty booty, hoe' songs, I'm not sure what that genre is called but yeah I'm not a fan of that specific sub-genre of rap, IE which was popular for a couple years in the 2010's...

I was surprised when I saw at the credits that Nick Cannon directed and wrote it, I imagined he would be above stereotyping black people this way but I guess not...

It's not all bad, child star Bobb'e J Thompson from Role Models still has some likability factor about him as a teenager and it was nice to see Wilmer Valderama from That 70's Show and Efren Ramirez from Napoleon Dynamite in 2 different roles, albeit very stereotypical latino ese gangsters...

I was surprised that they didn't throw in a bunch of geeky white people since it was so thriving on stereotypes...

Anyway, the movie is dumb as dirt but somehow it managed to entertain slightly occasionally so yeah I'll slip it a 5, but I can perfectly understand if people hate it, and to be frank, most probably will

Reviewed by bbickley13-921-586645 / 10

I was feelin it!

It was a nice little R rated teen comedy. If you like Nick Canon and his style of comedy, than this should be a good one for you (I'm assuming, cause I'm not familiar with his comedy)

Mr. Mariah Carey's directorial debut is a formulated story about Jason, the uncool kid who wants to be cool and get a date with his dream girl who does not even know he's alive. I could tell you more, but when you've seen one teen comedy you seen them all, so you know what happens.

The most unique thing about the movie is the prominently black cast (which is kind of shameful to say in this day and age). I've already herd some negative feedback on the black stereotypes that are flowing through the movie, but I feel that this judges the movie unfairly cause every white teen comedy has it's own negative stereotypes as well.

But I must admit, the black stereotypes are pretty blunt and constant throughout the film which may make it a turn off if you're not black or Latina. The movie could have used more high school stoner jokes which is general enough to crossover to any race. Like Mac & Devin go to High School starring Wiz Khalifa, whose wife Amber Rose has a role in this movie.

The biggest problem I have with the movie is that if feels like a variety show more than a movie. Every scene feels more like a sketch or a stand up bit come alive, than a continuing story, which should not be such a big concern cause the whole thing is funny and I should cut the first time director a break. It doesn't help that a small part of the movie is interjected with scenes that act like music videos for music groups I'm not young and hip enough to vibe with. It's been a while since I've seen a recent music video, but I seems all the females in the movie are just video vixens not exactly hired for their acting skills

It was cool to see the large amount of super star comedians who have supporting roles in the film. Most notably of course was super star Kevin Hart. It was cool that Kev and others had enough love for Nick to come out and do a small role in his small low budget movie.

It was a funny film all in all, and I could not help but to laugh throughout this so-so put together black teen comedy (Nick Canon forces you to and I love that about the film). Then again, I laugh cause I got all the jokes.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10


Jason (Bobb'e J. Thompson) is the main character and frequently narrates. He wants to join his cousin's dance group "The Rangers." The requirement is not only to know the routines, but to score with one of the hot babes. He is infatuated with Anastacia (Kristinia DeBarge) a young Latino who learned to lip sync from Ashlee Simpson.

The school is having a lock-in dance where he hopes to join the group. Meanwhile his cousin owes Big Junior $2,000. Big Junior is one of Anastacia's 5 brothers and that just so happens to be the prize money for the talent contest. Jason is embarrassed by his Big Momma (Luenell),eat your heart out Madea. Add to this a Melissa McCarthy type cop (Jessica Kirson) and an almost "Scott Pilgrim" type format and you have yourself a fair comedy. No real great belly laughs, just a few amusing scenes. I could see where it would have an appeal to a younger crowd with some of the crude humor.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. N-word. Brief male rear nudity. Brief sex scene.

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