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Reviewed by indeterminacy6 / 10

A glimpse into indigenous culture

Whether this was a deep view into the indigenous culture of South America, I cant say, but the film makes a first approach by showing many different types of character: the bravery and dignity of Sayen's grandmother (who steals the show),Sayen's bravery and integrity, even a sellout - in the company's guide, and a non-warrior who shows the way to fight as a journalist. The subject matter is especially relevant today, so the film gets points for that.

A shame that the film did not give more closure with the ending. We hope for a better resolution in the sequel, but unfortunately, that might be the point that the film veers from reality.

All in all the film is not as bad as the official reviews say. It will be interesting to see how it continues.

Reviewed by tomastkd3 / 10

you want political, gender, cultural correctness and more, then watch this movie

What if I told you about a movie that fulfills the correct gender role and shows an empowered and combative woman. But that she is also from an ethnic minority. In addition, she is persecuted by the corrupted State and harassed by bad white men. Well, you have Sayen, a film that meets all these stereotypes. Unfortunately, it shows a banana Chile, very far from reality.

The plot is a forced situation whose force would make it difficult not to empathize with the protagonist, but which does not correspond to the reality that it intends to expose. It is more ideology than art.

At the level of the cinematographic production, although it is a substantial improvement, the fact that the plot is so stereotyped takes away weight from the argument, in the end it is about the caricature of an aboriginal woman versus the invaders.

Reviewed by salchootchkin10 / 10

Truth and integrity in an exciting action drama

The film begins with a quote from 1910, about Chile - something like: "the inequalities in this vast part of our country come from the past and many are still hapening today. Anyone with eyes can see them." From a book called, sinceridad. Chile íntimo en 1910, by. Alejandro Valdés Canje. The story and characters are fictional but the type of events depicted are unfortunately very common, down to the greenwashing window dressing. This is a messy, heart wrenching story, like reality, and it never turns away from the brutal reality. But some of the main characters are brave, persistent, and inspirational, which is also realistic. Regarding another story, a streaming series, my friend questioned whether a young girl could credibly have suddenly turned the tables on a dangerous adult mistreating her family. I responded with the example of Lana Turner's 14 year old daughter, who in 1958 stabbed to death a 32 year onld gangland enforcer who was abusing her mother. Personally, I have met incrediibly fearless and ferocious indigenous women in Canada, in connection with water and land defense actions.

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