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James Belushi as Sgt. Joe Gunn
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Reviewed by ma-cortes6 / 10

Thrilling and exciting war yarn in which a small Allied detachment is surrounded by a German army

Acceptable adventure drama set in Libyan desert during WWII dealing with an Allied lost patrol battling Germans . Wartime film with powerful direction including scenarios set in Lybia desert but filmed in Outback desert , being based upon an incident in the Soviet film ¨The Thirteen¨ directed by Mikhail Romm and made about six years prior to this movie . "In June, 1942, a small detachment of American tanks with American crews, joined the British Eighth Army in North Africa to get experience in desert warfare under actual battle conditions. History as proved that they learned their lesson well" . While the WWII raged in Europe American/British troops were fighting in a far part of the world , North Africa . Small solitary patrols from all nations moved over the vast Libyan desert that seemed on fire with the sun . The molten sky gloated over them . The endless desert wore the blank look of death . Yet these men marched on without a murmur , fighting an unseen German enemy who always struck in the dark . Sergeant Joe Gunn (James Belushi , while classic version played by Humphrey Bogart) and his tank (called Lulubelle" ) , crew pick up five British soldiers . The group of Allied stragglers (all of them played by Alan David Lee as Bates , Simon Westaway as Williams , Mark Lee as Doyle , Jerome Ehlers as Halliday),a Frenchman (Michael Massae, an American actor, who was born in Kansas City to French parents, Masse convinced director at the audition) and a Sudanese man (Robert Wisdom , formerly played by Rex Ingram) with an Italian prisoner (D'Angelo) crossing the Libyan Desert to rejoin their army after the fall of Tobruk . A brave group of American and British soldiers rides a tank (it is an M3 Lee, but has features of the variety used by the Australian Army during WW2 , the standard US commander's cupola was deleted from the 37mm turret and a pintle mounted) across the Sahara in search of water and lost in the desert , being shot by Germans , one by one and some battered fighting men battle it out to the finish . They find it among desert ruins , only to realise that 500 Nazi troopers converging on them need it even more . Dead the official commander they are ruled by the sergeant , then arise boiling passions in the burning sands . The bunch works together to vanquish a much larger Nazi army that wishes the same water well that they have .

This dusty-looking remake of the Bogart classic gets brief psychological remarks about diverse characters , and although is completely developed on the wide desert , the tale results to be a little claustrophobic . The flick displays fierce action , drama , dominating performances , excitement , contrived heroic deaths and the most entertainment and thrilling scenes come fast in the last reel . Philip MCDonald (story's author being based the movie) had been recruited in the British cavalry during WWI (1917) and he ulteriorly wrote an intrigue and suspense tale , adding his war memories and taking an incident based on the Soviet Photoplay "The Thirteen" . The film contains a powerful and moving musical score . Glimmer and sunny cinematography from Port Stephens , New South Wales, Australia . Nearly all the extras in this film were from the Royal Australian Air Force and The Royal Australian Army. For authenticity, the director made them shave off their mustaches which apparently weren't allowed in the German army in WW2.

Good direction by the Australian Brian Tenchard Smith who transfers the action of the story with great effect and fine interpretations make this an entertaining film . This particular story was former and subsequently remade and reworked several times , being originally seen as a Russian movie titled ¨The thirteen¨ . Subsequently by John Ford in ¨The lost patrol¨ with Victor McLagen and Boris Karloff ¨ set in Mesopotamia ; ¨Bataan¨ by Tay Garnett with Robert Taylor in Philippines jungle ; ¨Last of Comanches¨ made by the same studio about a decade later , was loosely based on this movie , realized by Andre De Toth with Broderick Crawford in Califonia desert ; and even part of ¨Flight of Phoenix¨ by Robert Aldrich in Sahara desert . Britain also made a variation on the story titled ¨Nine men¨ . Rating : 6'5/10 . The motion picture will appeal to warfare moviegoers .

Reviewed by HeatherFL8 / 10

This is a remake of a 1943 Bogart movie of the same title.

This is a remake of a 1943 Bogart movie of the same title. I was pleased to see they followed the original story almost to a T. Very well acted for a TV movie & Belushi was great as Joe Gunn. And the other actors were good as well. On the whole an enjoyable remake, which doesn't happen very often. I guess what I am saying is that as a very big Bogey fan I was expecting to be let down by this movie, but surprise surprise, I wasn't. It was reasonably well acted, interesting story this time around as well, followed the original movie very closely, surprisingly well directed & well photographed for a TV movie and once again Belushi does a crack job. I'll be buying the DVD.

Reviewed by bkoganbing6 / 10

A Dry Desert Oasis

One of the classic war films that was made during World War II gets a 90s remake. Sahara starred Humphrey Bogart as the tank commander who joins up with an assortment of soldiers from various allied countries defending a dry desert oasis that a company of Rommel's Afrika Korps doesn't know is dry. It's nearly an annihilation, but a certain divine providence spares two of the defenders.

Stepping into Bogart's very big shoes is Jim Belushi and while nobody is a Humphrey Bogart, Belushi admirably fills the part in his own way.

A lot of very familiar character players in the original Sahara made that one enjoyable. Other than Belushi there are no familiar faces in this film. That's a pity because that roster of actors could never be assembled again.

Sahara itself is not an original, it was a remake of the John Ford classic The Lost Patrol. Later on the plot was shifted to the American west for Last Of The Comanches which starred Broderick Crawford.

There are no Bogeys out there so enjoy this remake of Sahara, it's practically a word for word copy.

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