Safeguard: An Electoral College Story


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DoSiDoe10 / 10

A must watch for every high school student for all 4 years

This film clearly explains the electoral college and gives the history behind it. The how and why it was instituted, and why it is still important today.

I thought the World Series analogy was a perfect explanation of the Electoral College. Team A could get more runs than team B through the 9 games simply by drastically outscoring team B in 3 games. Team B, however, wins the series because they won 5 of the 9 games even though the scores were close in those 5 games.

This is how a President is elected, 50 individual "games" called elections, with the candidate who gets the majority of the popular votes in each state winning that "game". (With the exception of 2 states who split the EC votes). Those who win the most games (states) wins the Presidency.

There are still some things for me to think about. For instance, the election of 1860. Lincoln did win with 39% of the popular vote, and he did have more votes than any other single candidate. The EC did work as "expected" and Lincoln got the most EC votes, thus the Presidency. However the point that the film was trying to make is that there was a 61% vote AGAINST Lincoln and that without the EC it is quite possible that a candidate winning with far less than 50% of the vote would be common instead of an outlier. That a candidate could target the 5 to 10 largest cities and get more votes than any other candidate (even in the teens to 20% of votes cast) and win the election. We see how well Lincolns win in 1860 turned out, states leaving the union (or trying to) and a civil war.

Reviewed by psevbrite8 / 10

More fair and balanced than some reviews say..and I'm not a Conservative!

There was a lot of historical foundation to this documentary and a good explanation as to how the Electoral College is supposed to work. That's what I was looking for, and that's what I got. I was previously registered as a Democrat and now I register as Independent. I can say that even though this was influenced by the Heritage Foundation, it would be nitpicking to say they pooped on all the Democratic side of things. They clearly showed Obama's wins and positive message, and Howard Dean's influences on the all state party movement and not his weird yell. If anything, this should motivate people to not only vote but get their out of state friends to vote.

Reviewed by jnnyb9 / 10

Historical Educational Convincing

I am disapointed, but not surprised by the poor reviews of this documentary by neophytes that still believe America was founded on flawed beliefs and systems that are outdated and unfair. The movie lays out clearly the intellectual compromise that created the "United States" and why the Electoral College is still relevant and necessary. Of course if you dont give a damn about your state's vote, or more likely dont care about the concerns of the electorate in Wyoming or Nebraska, then throw it away and allow LA, Chicago, Houston and NYC, choose presidents. The picture makes the arguments on both sides but clearly shows the popular vote option is the least "fair" and most divisive.

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