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Jace Norman as Rufus
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Yvonne Chapman as Shaydo
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Reviewed by RosanaBotafogo7 / 10


What to expect from a movie in which the dog turns into a boy, so it's quite cute for what it's proposed, cute, cute and watchable.... Let's go for both...

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation4 / 10

Children deserve quality movies too

"Rufus" is a very recent television film that runs for 42 minutes and stars a cast of upcoming teen actors in the core roles. Unfortunately, these do not have a great deal of talent and that refers particularly to the actor who plays the title character. The story is very generic for kids films these days, nothing we haven't seen already and it was done better most of the time. The fantasy aspect is about a dog who turns into a boy. The drama is about another boy who has no friends at his new school, but of course, he quickly grows affections for a girl and there are slight indicators of romance. I also found it painful how this film tries to be so diverse with the girl being Asian and the White boy having a Black dad apparently. In terms of the story, there is really nothing good in here. A mysterious amulet gets the kids into contact with a couple criminals, but they are just way too clumsy. Also, maybe the worst thing about this film, I felt it does not really have heart or emotion in ti and it's certainly on the pathetic side how this film fails at being funny despite trying so hard and even worse how it takes itself so seriously during the dramatic moments. This is nothing your kids should see and if they really decide to turn this pilot episode into a series, I will not watch it. Thumbs down.

Reviewed by SkyStranger6 / 10

What The ...

Writer, Guys ........... What Is Wrong With You?!. This Was A Great Idea And You Couldn't Handle It Well. You Really ... REALLY Need To Know How REAL People Talk In REAL Life. And Was That A Light Speed Fast Forward Plot?!. ... Come On ... .

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