Royal Matchmaker


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Bethany Joy Lenz Photo
Bethany Joy Lenz as Kate Gleason
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Brittany Bristow as Britney
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Will Kemp as Sebastian
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Elva Trill as Petra Petrovich
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lisafordeay7 / 10

A charming TV Romantic Comedy film with a plot we have seen before

Royal Matchmaker is a 2018 TV Hallmark movie starring Will Kemp and Brittany Joy Lenz and tells the tale of a young woman named Kate(Lenz)who works as a matchmaker in New York. She gets word that a Prince named Sebastian(Kemp)is looking for a soulmate to marry and he has 4 weeks to find his true love. So Kate travels to the UK(I guess) and meets up with the prince. At first Kate doesn't like Seb at first as he comes across as cold and arrogant but when Kate gets a match for Seb with a woman named Petra,Kate ends up falling in love with him. But is it too late for Kate to say that she loves Seb despite the fact she is a matchmaker for Seb?

Overall this has a Cinderella vibe to it. I sorta knew from the get go what was going to happen as in most romantic films we have cold arrogant men falling for stubborn modern day women. To be quite frank I enjoyed this film.

If you like Kate and Leopold or The Prince And Me. Then catch it out. Plus the guy that plays Seb was handsome. Bethany was actually good as the matchmaker who tries to set up Seb yet falls for him along the way.

Overall I am giving this a 7.

Enjoyable fluffy fairytale fun.

Reviewed by Jackbv1237 / 10

Just have fun

Whenever I see the words "royal" or "prince" or anything related in the title of a Hallmark movie, I get a twinge of something, not quite disgust, but definitely negative. So I came into this expecting another cliché "royal" romance movie. Certainly if you go into this kind of movie expecting tripe, you are far more likely to find that. If that's the case, maybe you should watch something else. And yet somehow, it was fortunate that I didn't skip this one because I enjoyed this movie. Yes, I enjoyed it, but no, it won't rank in my top ten, or twenty, or ...

In this kind of movie, the thing I look for more than anything else is chemistry between the leads. And do they get enough screen time together to enjoy the chemistry. This movie was predictable, although there were some little things that were a bit out of the usual. It was smaltzy. It had a ton of clichés. But there was undeniable chemistry. It was subtle, but it was deep. There were also a couple of nice touches toward the end.

Bethany Joy Lenz was the right amount of optimist and insecure. Will Kemp was arrogant, but he also laughed a bit at himself, a kind of healthy contempt.

Like I said, if, going into it, you are determined that this type of movie is nothing but junk, don't watch it just to throw contempt at it. But if you do watch it, give it a chance to find something to like.

Reviewed by Tigerbai18 / 10

Royal Matchmaker

Wonderful cast and story. Some will say its been done - so what. Everything's been done. We need new fresh faces and movies like this for each generation. Many folks for whatever reason will never see the older films. We are all so busy and there are so many choices these days. If you love romance you'll love this one. Very well acted and yes its sappy but so what. I personally love sappy. Remember Shirley Temple. Who wants to see doom and gloom not me. We go to the movies to experience something, feel something, see something, escape reality for an hour or two. This movie delivers.

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