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Reviewed by trinaboice9 / 10

Family-friendly with messages that are timely and universal

IN A NUTSHELL: Have you ever wished money grew on trees? Yep, me too. This light drama takes a look at our priorities. Directed by Scott Sikma, this movie won the "Audience Award" at last year's Calgary International Film Festival. Sikma said that his film will encourage people to see that even in the hardest of situations, there is hope and happiness to be found. It's family friendly and appropriate for all ages. There are funny moments, as well as deeper ones that carry messages that are timely and universal.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Replacement words for profanity ("heck" and "darn" when the protagonist sees a pastor in the room). Talk of death of loved ones. Someone's cremated ashes are spread. Someone falls and has to go to the hospital Talk to your kids about how you can serve in your community. Some alcohol.

THEMES: Faith Happiness Fulfillment Charity Trust Honesty Communication Change Choice & consequence Appearance vs. substance First impressions

THINGS I LIKED: Real estate agents will get a kick out of the first scene. Sergio Di Zio (Flashpoint, Rogue) plays a money-hungry real estate salesman. He won Best Actor at 2019's International Christian Film Festival for his role in this film. I got a kick out of his performance. Grace Campbell is played by Claire Rankin from Molly's Game and Stargate Atlantis. The entire cast does a good job. I especially liked Detective Miller (Chantal Perron). I like little details like how Grace's necklace looked like a tree with deep roots. While scriptures and faith are discussed, this isn't a preachy Christian movie at all. I liked the song at the very end of the movie called "Forget You Are Gone" by Andrew Morris. The movie was filmed in beautiful Alberta, Canada.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: The background music sounds really cheesy most of the time. It was frustrating how so many problems could have been avoided had Paul just told his wife what was happening so they could figure everything out together. It could have used more humor to balance out the dramatic moments. It felt a little rushed. I would love to have seen more goofy antics with Paul Campbell and his expenses so I could live vicariously through him and all that money. There's no explanation about what happens to the tree in the end.

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Reviewed by Quinn40776 / 10

Missed Comedic Opportunity

A money-tree movie about learning about yourself and changing for the better. Sure, keep that in but give us a comedy and not...this. Sorry to be a cynic but this silly premise should involve the whole family and some shopping sprees etc. Not the tarp over the railing accident. Too do-goody, Hallmark style for me no not well done except for a few moments.

Reviewed by danielwagoner-550921 / 10

Not good

Don't do it!!! I literally made an account so that no one else would have to suffer through this.

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