Romance to the Rescue


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gordonm8884 / 10

Below Hallmark standards, Unrealistic, Poorly acted

We love dogs, have two rescue dogs and would have been delighted at a half-decent Hallmark film on this subject. We were so open to this movie being good. But it wasn't even close.

Andrea Brooks giggles constantly as the lead romantic female, substituting "giggle giggle giggle" for more nuanced acting. Neither my wife nor I could develop any affection or empathy for her empty=headed character as she cluelessly encounters the world of dogs and competitive agility training.

Everything is so wrong about this movie. The rescue center manager (the male romantic interest) shows up to inspect her house for suitability for a rescue dog AFTER the dog has been placed in her home -not before, as it is done in real life. He walks into her living room, which has been torn up by the newly adopted dog, and after giving her some basic coaching about owning a dog he announces that her place looks fine. What, no inspection to see whether her backyard has a fence ?-which is the primary thing that real-life rescue organizations look for when they inspect a home. Nope, he seemingly just wanted to see her pretty face.

The couple takes the dog to a veterinarian and has an out-of world experience. The vet comes outside the building to meet them, then takes the dog inside for examination. The couple remain outside on a park bench. The vet then walks outside the building to the park bench to discuss the results of the exam. The vet walks back inside the building, and then brings their dog out on a leash. Isn't that the way every vet visit is handled, LOL? Apparently, Hallmark needed to save money by not setting up any inside areas to look like a reception area or an examination room.

Anyone who does canine agility training in real life would be incensed at the way it is portrayed in the movie. A new owner, who doesn't know how to hold a leash when she walks the dog on a sidewalk is immediately walking the dog around a makeshift agility course -like once or twice -as training. Her boyfriend-to-be encourages the dog to go through a tunnel by crawling through it himself! Apparently that's all it takes -because they leave the dog with a friend and spend the next 10-12 hours walking around town eating ice cream, playing on the swings in the park and go to his house to watch a movie. Then suddenly it is time for the agility competition - and there, in front of an audience, is our giggly owner crawling through the plastic tunnel on the course to once-again encourage her dog! I mean, really?

The plot is filled with this kind of stupid nonsense in so many scenes. The rescue center doesn't keep their large dogs in crates or cages. They are kept behind 2-foot-high white picket fences that the dogs could jump over in a microsecond.

What is the point of having a dog-centric Hallmark movie if the script writers and director know less about owning dogs than 99% of their audience?

Reviewed by nptomey2 / 10

Chatty Cathy

I enjoyed this movie, BUT, hyperactive Andrea Brooks behaved like an overactive, empty headed Valley Girl.

Honestly her incessant empty headed chatter felt like fingernails down a slate blackboard! It was nice to see Marcus Rosner in a role in which he is not a villan or spoiler. He is easy on the eyes and a capable artist. As far as Andrea Brooks is concerned, It felt like she was trying too hard to fill the role of her character. "Sam" was amazing! This is a movie I will watch again from time to time, however, while Miss Brooks is in most of the scenes, I will hit mute.

Reviewed by Jackbv1237 / 10

Andrea Brooks and ... Sam

The reviewer who titles "Another One not worth watching" captures the essence of the story quite well. It is another story with no great highs or lows. But that's merely the story. By the way, the ending surprised me a little.

I watch these movies for the relationships especially when the story is more of the same old stuff. This one had two things going for it as far as the characters. Sam (not sure real name),the dog, was great and quite appealing. Sam was a perfect match for Andrea Brooks. They had similar personalities, for a canine and a human. Several reviewers commented how Andrea is in her first lead which I agree was long overdue. Her role as Kyra was charmingly upbeat and energetic Her chemistry with Marcus Rosner was good and they had a lot of screen time together.

The humor, especially in the early going was of the exaggerated or silly kind. Not usually my favorite, but I got a couple of laughs.

Another Hallmark semi-regular who I have yet to see get a lead is Lucie Guest. She always puts in a good performance.

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