Rogue Warfare: The Hunt



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Stephen Lang Photo
Stephen Lang as President
Andy Pisharody Photo
Andy Pisharody as Black Mask
Will Yun Lee Photo
Will Yun Lee as Daniel
Chris Mulkey Photo
Chris Mulkey as Commander Brisco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaconklin-210182 / 10

Is he monologuing AGAIN?

The whole movie was a train wreck. The acting is awful, please somebody shoot the bad guy because he's going to talk us to death... in front of the green screen while staring broodingly off into the distance... Again. The uniforms, the weapons, the directing, the accents, overall there is very little to recommend this film.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca3 / 10


Another endless chapter in this lamentable trilogy. Will Yun Lee has been kidnapped by terrorists so the soldiers have to mount a rescue mission to get him back. Very little action throughout, just incessant chit-chat about nothing important.

Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic2 / 10

The best action scene in this movie was... dying of boredom. The dialogue was horrendous; blah blah and more blah for an entire 103 minutes, pretty much about nothing. 80% of this film was the Supreme Leader and Scientist just facing each other and talking about garbage, or Daniel laughing and screaming hysterically. I wanted to stick sharp pencils in my ears to stop the suffering. I'd rather listen to paint dry for that 103 mins. What was newb writer Andrew Emilio DeCesare on when he wrote this atrocious screenplay? Out of my 1000+ reviews, this is the worst writing by far. Somewhat experienced Mike Gunther's directing wasn't any better. A 5th grade drama class could've done better than setting up a tripod filming two guys on a hill blabbing about nothing. And the non-stop shots of sand dunes and hills, and more sand dunes and more hills... ridiculously amateur. The entire film needed 90 mins cut out, and the 13 min left may have been an enjoyable short. It's a very generous 2/10 from me for the somewhat adequate performances by the soldiers, who I'm sure would've performed better if they had some real casting direction from Gunther. We can use this film to torture our enemies by duct-taping them to a chair and make them watch this film over and over again.

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