Rock My Heart

2017 [GERMAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jurrevdberg10 / 10

Made my cry

Perfection!! Just perfection. Beautiful!! The last 30 min made my cry so hard. This is a movie for inspiration. It made me realise that what ever you are going through, how hard it is, you can make it. Beautiful! One to watch!

Reviewed by abbypyland9 / 10

Referencing another Review

I saw a review on this movie that said the words didn't match up with lip movement, but if you're watching it on Netflix, it's in a language other than English, which is why the words don't work right.

Reviewed by indiapaige9 / 10

True cowgirl meets her match in talented & stubborn gelding

Whether you like horse movies or medical challenge movies try to kick back and enjoy true to life warm moments this movie offers.

A young woman with a potentially lethal health issue meets a beautiful big talented horse who has equally challenging temperament issues,which for horses are also potentially lethal.

You'll see those criticize this for plot or cinema graphic imperfecrions. Have they not heard "Art imitates life?". In real life, the vast majority of people carrying a disability label, don't want to be told what they cannot do, especially at Jana's age(film's protagonist). Too many talented horses Have been completely given up on,or met tragic fates, because as social creatures they were deprived of developing emotional bonds that are so integral to a healthy horse. A good horse will give you their all & their everything when a bond is forged. For these reasons, and not pretending to be a professional film critic, I think the film perfectly hits all its marks. For critical reviews here, I ask- which language version did you watch?(several avail); how many horses have you lived with &/or ridden?; How many inner cowgirls have you known? True cowgirls &/or other disciplines of horsemanship have met rider's who's anatomical self won't cooperate with thier heart, brain & spirits desires? All that Ive known also muscle up and put immense effort into living as well as appearing as normal bodied as everyone else. This is one integral trait shared with a well matched horse.

Lastly for those claiming predictability, That indeed is how many times art imitates life. Rock my heart is enjoyable entertainment for all who give it a chance.

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