Rita, Sue and Bob Too


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Reviewed by jboothmillard7 / 10

Rita, Sue and Bob Too

I heard about this for having some strong sexual scenes, and my Mum liked the film, and it turned out to be quite a fun film that went just a bit too quickly. There is no real story apart from Rita (Siobhan Finneran) and Sue (Michelle Holmes) are two school girls having a sexual fling with a married man named Bob (George Costigan). It started with Bob asking if they know anything about sex, being virgins, and then having sex with them one at a time. It continues through the film, many meetings in not very popular public places and having sex. There are obviously many arguments about who should go first, Sue being argumentative towards her mother (Patti Nicholls) and father (Willie Ross),and Bob trying to end it to be with wife Michelle (Lesley Sharp). But it is a good comedy drama with some good laughs and turns. It was number 57 on The 100 Greatest Sexy Moments. Very good!

Reviewed by Theo Robertson4 / 10

Crude British Sex Comedy

This is a strange sex comedy because there`s very little comedy but a whole lot of sex , most of which takes place in the back of a car and is so graphic it makes BASIC INSTINCT look like an edition of TELETUBBIES . I kid you not , the sex in this film is so in your face it might just choke you , especially if you`re watching with your grandparents .

As for the rest of RITA , SUE AND BOB TOO there`s not much else worth mentioning except the language where every single sentence seems to contain the F word . This a rather bleak hyper-realist British film made at a time when Channel 4 was the main investor in British movies which explains its made for television low budget feel

Reviewed by christopher-underwood10 / 10

even if it be that we refuse to learn from it at least that we might have a good laugh.

I saw this more than 30 years ago upon its original theatrical release and loved it. Watching it again now and it is a reminder of just how much has changed since those late 80s. Changed, not so much in the sense that it was born of the Thatcher years, with perceived social unfairness and austerity but that the film could have been made back then. For it certainly could not be made now. It is ironic that for all the talk of how understanding we all are of each other and our orientation, we are not permitted to say these things outside of an agreed context and certainly not make jokes about them. Some complained at the time that this was not a true reflection of life on a deprived estate, that people did not behave like this and girls never. Unfortunately there are probably more people now inclined to deny that there were ever such people and certainly not now. To those in denial, perhaps it is safer to stay away but for everybody else this is an essential slice of cinematic realism with wonderfully naturalistic performances that is really, laugh out loud funny. I note that the main actors, for whom this was pretty much their first work, have gone on to decent careers but sadly not the writer, Andrea Dunbar who died a couple of years after the film's release. She came from the very estate where the film was shot and did not intend her portrayal as criticism. She just took the opportunity to write about her circumstances and those around her and make people laugh. I can never remember whether she was Rita or Sue but I guess it doesn't matter, just that this tiny but authentic window on a life, this spotlight on the largely unseen and unacknowledged, should still shine and even if it be that we refuse to learn from it at least that we might have a good laugh.

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