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Oliver Smith as Burt Ganja
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Lynda Bellingham as Miss Mott
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Reviewed by fostrhod5 / 10

A movie cash in on the passion for motorcycles

Riding High 1981, starring Eddie Kid, Eddie Kid? I hear you ask, Kid was a motorcycle stuntman popular in the British media in the late 70s & early 80s, appearing on Blue Peter, Swap Shop and other popular children's TV of the time. I guess every teen passion does eventually get a film or TV cash in. This particular vehicle (witty pun there) served to appease the Bike enthusiast that every town or school had amongst teenage boys who thought they were the " cock of the walk" The film itself centres around Kid " the Kid" Dave Monday vs Judas E chariot ( a big swanky American has been stunt man) it eventually ends with a challenge for Kid to jump , Devils Leap. I won't tell you what happened, other than Kid does his own stunts so we'll give him credit for that. Great performance from the ever popular Irene Handel, Daniel Peacock and surprisingly Eddie Kid. Wonderful soundtrack too, which was released on a LP tie in, one of the first I guess, the soundtrack sunk without trace and must be quite collectible now, featuring Gary Numan, Police, Pretenders, Dire Straits, Chic, Boomtown Rats,Sky, ELP, Madness, Joe Jackson, and Eddie Kid himself. Later on in his career he had a major accident which left him paralysed and brain damaged. Eddie is still alive but not a well man. Eddie and his wife were minor celebrities at the time a bit like Posh and Becks of their day ( and no doubt things had been different would make a living on, celebrity reality programmes) alas that was not to be his wife before her death was sent to prison for cruelty to her husband whilst caring for him, a sad end for a genuine cult figure which Kid was.

The film itself is a decent attempt of making a movie on a low budget. 5/10.

Reviewed by paul-22429 / 10

Great Movie, Fantastic Sound Track, 9 out of 10

This movie although in todays standards was not photographed in the best of cinema, but the content and story was great and I found it entertaining, OK some of it was mopey but all in all coupled with the sound track it was excellent, I would like to ask those who really dogged the movie, if they themselves would like to get up, and make one to this standard and maybe do the jumps etc themselves, its easy to sit back and knock others work without being able to improve, I am sure if you speak to Eddie he will inform you of just how difficult that big end jump was and how close it was to failure, with the high cross winds and nothing to catch him if he fell, For a first time effort as an actor 10 out of 10, and I hope to see you in action again sometime soon Eddie, all our best

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