Rich in Love



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Ethan Hawke as Wayne Frobiness
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Kyle MacLachlan as Billy McQueen
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Alfre Woodard as Rhody Poole
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Albert Finney as Warren Odom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by =G=7 / 10

A slice of southern life.

"Rich in Love" is a slice-of-life film which takes the viewer into the goings on of a somewhat quirky Charleston, SC family. Highly romanticized, beautifully shot, well written and acted, "RIL" washes over you like a summer breeze as its plotless meandering breathes life into the characters such that at film's end you'll feel like an old friend of the family.

A wonderfully crafted character-driven film from the director of "Driving Miss Daisy", "RIL" is a somewhat obscure little "sleeper" which will appeal most to mature audiences.

Reviewed by dianerpessler-4616410 / 10

Beautiful Film With a Superb Kathryn Erbe Performance

Director Bruce Beresford brings Josephine Humphrey's beautiful novel with sensitivity and amazing insight. His use of locations and the stunning backdrop is done with an eye for the landscape, just as his depiction of the characters is done with an instinct and empathy for humanity. Those characters are portrayed wonderfully by Albert Finney and Jill Clayburgh as very real people and not simply as caricatures of typical Southerners. Outstanding in the role of the young girl Lucille is the gifted Kathryn Erbe. She is nothing less than superb and would have been a true star making role if the film had been more successful at the box office. Although the film was not seen by many, Erbe's performance is some of her finest work and her incredible talent shines even among the members of this veteran cast. She is deeply moving in this film and Erbe makes Lucille one of the most memorable young women in cinema history.

Reviewed by triple88 / 10

warm rich slow moving southern drama that grows on you as you watch.

I liked this a lot. In fact, if I see it again(and I plan to) I just may love it. I'll echo other reviewers in saying that this movie really does grow on you as you watch. It starts kind of slowly but the way in enfolds is very natural and has a mood to it. You just get into it.

I really liked the summery atmosphere to the movie and thought the movie was very touching as a whole. The characters have a strong element of realism and the movie very slowly and gently weaves a spell as you get involved in the various interactions between them all and want to know how it will ultimately turn out and what paths the characters will choose to take.

I am very surprised that there are less then a dozen comments on this-there are obscure TV movies that have more comments then Rich In Love.

One thing that I will say is I missed the ending which is driving me crazy and I HAVE to watch it again to see that. This is a movie that may not be for everybody but that I feel is strongly underrated(even some of my most film buff purist friends who have seen almost every movie there is haven't seen this) and it doesn't even seem to have much of a message board but I liked it a lot and to all those who like family dramas that are warm on scenery, atmosphere and an unhurried languid pace should probably take a look at this. Especially note worthy is that it takes place in South Carolina so for those (like me) who love the south, and movies that take place there, this is a gem. I'll add my vote to the woefully few comments and recommend this little known flick.

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