Revenge of the Nerds


Action / Comedy

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Anthony Edwards as Gilbert
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James Cromwell as Mr. Skolnick
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by drahrehgnab8 / 10

An underdog movie

Think Ferris Bueller or Shawshank or Police Academy!

Bonus: the nerds get the leggy hard bodies and nature does take command.

Reviewed by caleb-jonas7 / 10

Actually funny and stands the test of the time

I firmly believe that they make us sympathize with the nerds because they are so oppressed at the film's beginning. That is why we feel for them and like their revenge towards the film's end. Also, the thin nubile chicks are fun to ogle. But the nerds work and preparation is just too much. Really? They put together a band that fast?

Reviewed by mark.waltz6 / 10

A definite time capsule to quite a different area.

It's easy to criticize some comedies from different eras for having dated attitudes, and certainly there are elements of this film today that make me uncomfortable. But having seen it when it came out during my own college days (not doing any of the things that young man do here),I had fond memories of a good majority of it outside of a scene late in the film involving the snooty cheerleader character played by Julie Montgomery. That scene didn't belong in any film in any era, and with films like "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", "Porky's", "Ferris Bueller", "Lucas", "Once Bitten" and "Teen Wolf", each of these films had at least one scene that could be eliminated today, but censorship is never the answer.

Two longtime buddies, Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards, go to college together, and are immediately considered losers because they are the stereotypical nerds that has been ridiculed as far back as they can remember. Carradine and Edwards become involved with a group of other as cast which includes a flamboyant gay black man, a high IQ Asian who is socially awkward, bashful Jewish boy and a classless pig who is basically the equivalent of John Belushi in "National Lampoon's Animal House".

They are treated horribly by the college A groups, led by 80's TV star Ted McGinley (who seem to have been playing characters like this for nearly a decade at this point) and mean girl Montgomery. But together, the group perseveres and manages to create their own fraternity, and along the way, a lot of things happen, some gross and out of line. But there are highlights too, and for me the performance of Larry B. Scott as the gay Lamar is the heart and soul of the film as he looks out for each of his friends, and they certainly don't judge him for his sexuality. Definitely far from a perfect film, and the sequels just get weaker to the point where they are unwatchable, but lots to like about this one outside one major cringeworthy moment.

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