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Reviewed by TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews8 / 10

Pretty good, but has its slow moments

This has admittedly taken a lot of inspiration from Matrix, Terminator, Independence Day, ET, Predator, and probably a few others that I didn't notice. However, it seems more like a tribute to the movies, than a lazy ripoff, as it treats the source material with the respect it requires. The plot is very good, it borrows heavily from Terminator, but it gives it a bit of a twist that is pretty interesting. The science fiction portion of the movie is pretty good; the effects are nothing short of stunning and mind-blowing. The CGI totally mixes in perfectly with the live action, without at any point in the movie looking out of place. The action sequences are fantastic; sure, the action is often heavily inspired by films like The Matrix, but they pull it off pretty good. Some sequences leave you yearning for more. The acting is pretty good. I saw it with English audio, so I can't really say anything about the original actors voices, but the English/American voice actors did their job well. The only negative thing I can say about the film, is that the plot drags a bit in some places. At certain times, the movie seemed to not move on at all. However, this is only a few instances in the first part of the movie, and no one should be discouraged from watching it simply because of that. It's a damn good action/sci-fi movie, as long as you can accept that the concept is not particularly original. I recommend this to anyone who liked The Matrix, or similar films. 8/10

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca6 / 10

Insane sci-fi mix-up, Japanese style

Lightweight but entertaining Japanese sci-fi flick that rips off about a dozen similar Hollywood movies made in the last couple of decades. I've watched a lot of rip-offs over the years and the ones I enjoy more are those that rip off multiple movies to create their own wild blends rather than those that slavishly copy the plot and style of one specific movie (such as the execrable REIGN IN DARKNESS, which copied THE MATRIX so heavily it was a total bore). RETURNER is a film that goes for quantity over quality, delivering a quite frankly bonkers plot that riffs on such movies as THE MATRIX (in the look, style and action),THE TERMINATOR (with the main character having travelled from the future to save the present) and STAR WARS (dodgy looking aliens are the enemy in this instance). Throw in some distinctly Japanese elements – nasty gangsters, cute bonding over rice – and you have a film that's difficult to describe.

Of course, it's a triumph of style over substance, but that doesn't make it a bad movie. In fact, it's pretty entertaining, loaded with tons of action scenes and featuring a central twosome who are difficult to dislike. Takeshi Kaneshiro trades on his boyish charm as is the norm and Anne Suzuki proves an unexpectedly heartwarming saviour. There are a ton of CGI effects, some dodgy, some decent, but for the most part Returner gets by on just the kind of wild enthusiasm and imaginative effort you expect from Japanese cinema.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen6 / 10

When the future is threatened to become history...

This Japanese Sci-Fi thriller is actually quite good, and it starts out in a fairly good pace and keeps rolling forward at that pace. The movie is driven by an equal amount of story, action and character development. There are some similarities to the "Terminator" movie though.

"Returner" (aka "Ritânâ") is about Milly (played by Anne Suzuki) who is living in a war-torn future, the year is 2084 and aliens are waging war on mankind, and mankind is losing. In a desperate attempt, Milly flings herself through a vortex, traveling back in to to the days prior to the incident that sparked the war. Here she gets help from a reclusive gunman named Miyamoto (played by Takeshi Kaneshiro).

Story-wise then "Returner" is entertaining and fast paced. The dialogue is good and the characters are alive and colorful.

The effects were good and passes as believable, although I was puzzled at how the driver and gunman disappeared from inside an exploding car as it came crashing down on the road.

Fun and action-filled entertainment, "Returner" is well worth watching, regardless if you like Japanese movies or not.

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