Return to the Hiding Place


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scott-dix9 / 10

Inspiring Tale of Forgotten Youth Resistance

This is a grand historical tale of courage and how youth helped support the resistance movement. Most citizens sat back and did nothing as the Nazi's fought it out internally with the Resistance. Many young people, made the courageous decision to give their lives for country and the protection of the innocent (and people they did not even know). The Christian undertone is there, but not heavy-handed. Faith drives these people to love their neighbors and lay down their lives for the same. The story and characters are engaging, and the mild humor in various situations is very well done. I hope that such a film can gain a broader release. Critiques that discuss every thread of clothing, accent, or backdrop in terms of authenticity go too far. This is a great film which make a unique contribution to WWII film history. Young people throughout the world need to see this film, and more like it.

Reviewed by thebaritone5510 / 10

War of Resistance

This movie is based on true events in the Netherlands during World War II. What I enjoyed the most about the movie is that Non-Jews showed empathy towards Jews. The Dutch students were prepared to go the extra mile to fight for freedom and equality also taking into consideration their impending fate if they were caught as in the case of Piet one of the heroes of this movie. The Story starts out when all the Jewish professors are expelled from the local University. Hans one of the future Resistance leaders is asked to sign a pact with the Nazis and in exchange his father who was dismissed would be re-employed by the Nazis. He rather opts to help the underground resistance movement where he meets Piet the leader of the student resistance.

Reviewed by nursevicki4710 / 10

Very touching!

After having the distinct privilege of being cast in the play "The Hiding Place", I had the marvelous opportunity to attend a special viewing of Return To The Hiding Place.

After reading many of the reviews, it saddens me to see anyone rate this anything less that great! The budget that was available for this film was not all that large and to have made this movie on 'what they had', I think they did a fabulous job! The story is just so inspiring, as is The Hiding Place. I hope and pray that this movie will be viewed by anyone who either has or has not heard of the Ten Boom family and their story. It is life changing for sure.

My 13 year old granddaughter attended Return To The Hiding Place with me and was very inspired and now aspires to live her life as the young people in the movie however she is able.

If you get the opportunity to see this movie, by all means, go see it! You will not be disappointed and it will quite possibly change your views of the world. It is definitely a blessing!

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